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Wednesday 30 June 2021

Direct YouTube link of all standard videos of Gyan Setu on 1/7/21 Useful learning material for all standard students

 Direct YouTube link of all standard videos of Gyan Setu on 1/7/21 Useful learning material for all standard students 

Let's start the education work with a new determination Vipul D.  Patel The global epidemic has caused chaos.  The state government and the education department are doing a lot of work during the short time khafline last year because of the corona in Corona.  For the last child c.  Education happened to work.  Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i'll tell ya.  We don’t like committed school teachers who understand our moral duty.  

The noise of the student, let's make the class teaching work effective from the new semester, Avan-Javan is the lifeblood of the school.  Create, through WhatsApp or any other medium, teaching students is an ongoing process.  Keep in touch with students and students, students are our teachers never have a vacation, the teacher is the mirror of his class, to make it effective, to bring more curiosity in his subject to the best educational land with the help of technology - read, write as well as sow educational seeds  Able to make a banyan tree.  Let's reshape India's future.  A teacher who is constantly reading as well as writing is a mentor, friend and philosopher of the children.  If he is and teaches well with interest, his class will be heavenly.  We will take a cognitive, competitive, advanced academic commitment to get students to get out of the textbook journey with a determined plan to do the best teaching work in the subject I teach.  Teaching techniques, bibliographies, charts, patterns must be at hand.  

The teacher's point of view should be positive as well as inspiring, the formal teaching work should be done through pictures, maps etc.  It is very important for us that the student sitting on the last bench who is eager to fill your class.  As the true sculptor of the students we have to do the proper crafted academic work. 

 For this, teacher friends have to do frequent reading of textbooks, reference books.  Gijubhai Badheka was saying that the teacher should like the stories of 365 days.  If you prepare an informative file using the technology tailored to the occasion and do the teaching work in the class, the students will enjoy teaching to put inspiring words or ideas in front of the students.  Is required.  In order to make the class effective, we have to do academic work through micro-planning.  Students can do a beautiful teaching job of a teacher. 

ધોરણ 8 નો આજનો વિડિઓ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

Classroom learning cannot be effective without preparation when it comes to frequent assessments.  Without reading, we all have the government's s.o.P.  Cannot be an effective teaching function.  According to the most guideline in the society, with systematic planning, one has to show readiness to do what the intelligent, enlightened teacher will stop reading.  Will Pujya Morari be considered worthy of Bapu?  In words, yoga is the science of activating the inner energy of the human body, with teacher extracts, logic and constant contact.  '- Sadguru Vasudev May 21, 2021
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Waiting list of Granted Higher Secondary Schools announced 2021&SGRCandidateSchoolAllocation list

 SGRCandidateSchoolAllocation list

The decision will be a flyover connecting Abrama-Walk on the Tapi river in Surat. The government is working with foresight for the development of houses.  Keeping in view the needs that may arise in the future, development work has been started by preparing an outline of development at present. Recently, Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has sanctioned Rs.  .  The construction of this seed will provide an important link connecting the east and north of the Und area of ​​Surat Municipal Corporation.  Due to this bridge, there is Outer Ring Road from Mumbai and Maya Road to Sanl, the key of which is 7.5 [4 min.  In the rapid development of the area from the National Highway i.e. Palsana, the longest road of the fisherman will prove to be the entry of Navata Vaz in Surat city as a ‘green field project’.  Without increasing the traffic load in the city without being prepared, it is necessary to point out that at present 18, 42 km.  In length and without વ Variyav - Sayan - Gothan area developed as Casmart City '' Recolo meter wide can go to Bauter Runnery.  Accordingly, the work of persuading them to enter and exit Surat is in progress.  Area Descriptions Traffic on the main roads for Mumbai Outer Outer Ring Road Surat Municipal Corporation Ring Road will be able to cross the Tapi River directly to Valak in a total area of ​​4.5 to reduce the load using this seed.  Surat km from seed production.  Makes the length 50 meters.  There on the Tapi River.  Plans are afoot to build a "bout ring road" to the east in the Thak area and the municipal boundary area, to build a bridge connecting Namabama and the area to the north. 

 This river bridge will provide 2.3 important connectivity and the ring road adjacent to this ring road Surat Raher and the carriageway connecting the state highway and the national highway with a traffic load of 216.0 m in the city area will cost a total of Rs.  .  12.51 will be less.  Not only that, this is the river seed, the road.  Out of which 3 km.
The length of the road should not be spinal.  All the three things to be done in the state under the Food and Civil Supplies Department are to improve the public name or address. In the distribution system, the process for issuing ration card to the citizens will be done on the same day as the prescribed form.  Conclusion, Due to the division of the ration card holder's family, a fixed time limit for such services has been fixed for obtaining a separate ration card and the ration card - the guardian of the holder has been appointed, accordingly  It will be done, not only the disposal of the three of them, but also the registration of names in the ration card, naming, will be done in a day, the ration card will be available very quickly and easily Gujarat September 1, 2020

binsarkaari granted Bharti nu 

Waiting list of Granted Higher Secondary Schools announced. 

Debt test 5. What you need to do immediately on the bridge ...! "Measure the instruction that he does and sit on the stove or table." No. 6. Vigharth (If no one wants to play Mantakshari, be allowed to play, sit on one side or stand and wait! No time will pass. 7. Do not take students to the playground and announce what they want to do. 8. Students in the class only talk. The list can go on and on. The way Procy is currently operating is an indicator of negativity. A teacher who hates it is frustrated and frustrated. The teacher is thrown away from the choice of the students. "I have come to say nothing, I have not come to grieve, I have not come to follow this life like others; Daya Sagar! Now you include Muj in Tara, I have come here to drown; I have not come to swim. Nazir saw Dekhaiya's light and student femme. I, naturally, asked Kann. Student' I had com's experience in ordering the answer. Told to come Putting the car out of the car, he came inside. Asked to state the reason for his meeting. Speaking of one of them, sir, we have one thing to say, let's talk about him? I nodded and said yes. A student Mallyo said, 'This' sir is a math teacher, why really sir? * I asked curiously, "Don't they teach math properly? Do you have a complaint? One of the students said boldly, "The master of mathematics came today to take a prali in geography class. 

Theyy taught geography even better than Gashit. Our geography teachers don't teach well. How good is it if ‘A’ Saheb teaches us Maths as well as Geography, Saheb? Please do so. "(True incident) I did not respond immediately. Saying goodbye to the students as I would say later, I learned at a very young age how important a prom can be to a teacher. Proxy hours are not an extra burden but a stepping stone to becoming a ‘student favorite teacher’. How to make a proxy clock creative? 1, If ​​you know that wax work is sometimes to be done in the profession of teacher, then it should be prepared in advance. In addition, poly rock is to be mowed, it is std. 1 to 10 (sometimes in Std. 12,, whatever the subject and subject matter. The preparation for it must be eaten from the time you enter the business, the teacher who welcomes Proxy's hour develops a very positive attitude.

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ફાસ્ટ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો ગ્રાન્ટેડ ઉચ્ચત્તર નું કોલીફાય વેઇટિગ લીસ્ટ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

 The teacher receives unique tea from the students. I would like to stop the experience of being the principal of the school. One day seven students were standing outside the office to meet me after school. Students and two students stopped to meet me. Going home out of the office If you don't have confidence, you will always fail in life, but if you have confidence, you will succeed before you start work.
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Tuesday 29 June 2021

Today's video of all j standard under Readiness Knowledge Bridge is useful to all standard students

 Today's video of all j standard under Readiness Knowledge Bridge is useful to all standard students

EducationBridge corsh 2021,30/6/2021all std videos 

Education-II examination Do not gather in crowds in tuition or any other Jagdhar till the present situation is brought under control, contribute to tree planting, cleaning campaign and public awareness. Understand and adhere to the rules given by the nation (with safety). 

Too bring the nation out of the epidemic, we have to contribute wisely by following the rules, whether we listen to or watch news that is negative, negative or affects the mind. The disadvantages outweigh the advantages of a mobile phone, so parents should do their job properly. Plan ahead for the whole day. If there are grandparents in the house, at most their. 

Takee advantage of experience and knowledge. Thus, by giving proper education to the children while they are at home at the time of the epidemic, we all contribute for the self-interest and national interest and save mankind from the epidemic. So, let us serve the nation by proving that the whole house is the first step of compassion in the true sense. Contact: Sarvavidyalaya, Kadi, Dist. Mehsana 1. 4 Sixteen Golden Principles of Success Preserve Values ​​in Life.
 2. Assume firmly that no failure is permanent. '' 
3. Learn to accept mistakes and responsibilities. Avoid unnecessary haste.
 5. Don't get bored, remember that boredom always makes life thorny

. 6. Learn to live life happily, smiling, gently.
 7. Get the job done daily. List the remaining tasks and finish tomorrow. 8. Never get angry. Deal with circumstances wisely. Cultivate memory to remember useful things and forget useless ones.

 10. Appreciate someone's good deeds with a sincere heart.

 11. Let go of despair, always be optimistic. Understand the difference between hard work and labor. 
 13 Be free from prejudice against anyone and learn from compromises. 14. Learn where to say yes and where to say no.
 15. To maintain both the health of the body and the well-being of the mind, 16. Be good and do good to others. Compiled by: Ajay Singh Champawat, Himmatnagar, Dist. Sabarkantha (Uttar Pradesh) 9. 12 ‘Man, no matter how knowledgeable, virakta, parmik or jitendriya, cannot attain Moksha without yoga. '- Brahmand Purana May 20, 2021
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The result of standard 10 will be seen today at 8 o'clock

 The result of standard 10 will be seen today at 8 o'clock 

Blasting Breaking News: The result of standard 10 will be seen today at 8 o'clock
 Link to see results 

Only schools will be able to see the result

 Only schools will see the result as students do not have a seat number

 Schools will have to deliver the results to the students

 100% result will come due to mass promotion. 

Home: The first step of education is Jitu Nayak Education and education are two different words at present. The word Shiksha which was used in ancient times is the same as Shiksha which means ... literacy and education. At present, education means only acquiring literacy. We all know that when we send a child to school today, everyone has the same expectation that the child will get a good result in the examination based on the textbook knowledge. But we can say that education is obtained only when the child acquires the knowledge of the textbook as well as the culture, civility, self-awareness, self-discipline and sensible behavior. Only such education can save any nation from an epidemic. Most schools offer only textbooks but not education. So the teachings of the present time are used in times of trouble or epidemics, right? Schools also have to think about this now, because at the time of the epidemic, if children can not be useful to themselves or the family or the country by using self-awareness, discipline and understanding, then why education? For the last one and a half years our country and the whole world have been fighting the Corona epidemic while the real education work is almost the same.

 At such times the children are catered to at home. At this time children spend most of their time with their parents and it is the responsibility of the parents to use the time wisely as well as to maintain the physical and mental health of the child. At present parents are becoming unaware even though they know that home is the first step of the same path and especially at the present time - it is the responsibility of the mother to see that her children become physically and mentally fit and educated by making good use of their time. - Become a father. Parents have the experience of character age to use it to provide true education against childcare epidemics. That is to say, work should be taken from the child in such a way that the child does not go astray or suffer from any mental illness and time needs to be allotted for that. Parents and children, as well as family members, should take note of the following, acknowledging that the home is the place of greatest education at the time of the epidemic. By parents and elders: Make time for children, that is, sit with the children. Get involved in children's favorite activity. Create a positive atmosphere. Follow the rules yourself. Tell inspiring occasions or stories. Read good books. Correct children's mistakes with love. Keep an eye on the child's mobile usage. Send children to a public place without a compelling reason. ‘Yoga means to feel good, to be good and to be good. '- Swami Sivananda May, 2021 18
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Gyan setu 2021 standard 3 all videos in total bridge corsh 2021

 Gyan setu 2021 standard 3 all videos in total bridge corsh 2021 

Equipped with this 13 tactical manners and style and () school solution in VAN online teaching and mana (not in days that laborious cure is the simplicity of the learning concept, will prove.

 Education is on the way to the (a) exemplary technique of Propal C in. You have to go, at least one of the marks in the option type test will be switched from one vidha to one online mediator  to answer the silent questions. And checking students 'answers with students' interactions, their knowledge, teaching work will be interesting. Increasing their interest, interest and motivation. (5) Expanding Horizons: Providing a questionnaire for a broader and larger answer, taught by the world's leading educational institutions The global epidemic of Covid-19 is a cage for all of us and our home is a caged baby bird, message to students and parents. Or the need to call back in schools that need to increase the reliability of the contact and that but until then and even then this online will inspire further learning. learning is a handy weapon.

 This may be the beginning of a whole new take on the education sector based on the past. Let's seize the golden opportunity to put a test fortnight on the occasion of a disaster, to change even the repetition. Will happen. The horizon has to be stretched, sometimes a surprise test is waiting for the student to amaze abilities. Pleasure can also be given. Contact: a. K, Mordia High School, Nari, Ta.Dist. Bhavnagar. What to do when a student has multiple confusions? "There is no end to the dilemmas of today's students.

 From the very beginning of life, negative questions arise in the face of it. It becomes difficult for him to take even one step forward without making an immediate decision and what a time it is! Nothing is fixed or fixed. Religious, social, sexual, economic, diplomatic all the ideals are mercilessly tightened today. 

30/6/2021 નો ધોરણ 3 નો વિડિઓ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 
In in addition to this, new questions like culture, socialism, etc. are being added and life is becoming more and more complicated and difficult day by day. Home is one kind of world, second kind in books, third in educational institutions, fourth in society and fifth in entertainment. Living together in such a five-dimensional world is much more meaningful than learning five languages ​​at once, and yet the useless times throw it into a situation without any hesitation. The bewildered student finally says in frustration, "Now I will find my own way and take the risk. "Kaka Kalelkar" Real knowledge is obtained only through Yogasadhana. Yoga is a feature of religion and yoga is the ultimate penance. 'Fire Code May 17, 2021
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Knowledge Bridge Video 2021 All video in standard 2 use full

 Knowledge Bridge Video 2021 All video in standard 2. 

Education is a crime. Seeking the help of 41 local folk artists, scholars, service-minded people and elders (1) Using local resources, [5] is trying to teach Palpur Ko through Lo Kabo Lee? Understanding the meaning of the words used in the area.  Come up with [6] block-wise committees, arrange for access to information on local culture, (7) increase children's participation in school programs, make efforts to rejuvenate them based on their local conditions and needs.  Sunrise of Hope - National Shia Policy 2020 in its Gopa chapter discusses 'Multilingualism and the power of language The above things seem to be taken very seriously, as stated in it', it is well known that young children speak in their homes  Language is the language that learns and absorbs the dead or nectar 1 concepts that are important in the mother tongue more quickly than the mother tongue or the language spoken by the local communities.  Used.  However, sometimes in multilingual families, the language spoken by others in the family may be the home language.  Which can sometimes be different from the mother tongue or the local language.  As far as possible at least up to standard 4, but if more appropriate up to standard 8, the medium of instruction will be the home language mother tongue local language regional language.  In addition to this, the new education policy 2020 has pointed out many important things like language, folk language, textbooks, effective method of teaching, recruitment of teachers, expectations of the teacher, promotion of creativity, which are very necessary and welcome things.  If all these things are implemented as directed, in fact, we will have a bright picture of India's education.  [1] Education should be initiated with the child's home environment in mind.  [2] Acceptance of his speech, pronunciation, intuition, sensitivity, sensitivity, [3] respecting his family and social environment, customs, beliefs, etc., should be the basis of education, so that the child does not feel any burden or stress,8Their experiences with the out-of-school environment are accompanied by elementary information.  Trying to chew.  Along with this the necessary technology should also be used.   Complementary literature should be created that can be incorporated into as simple words as possible by converting terminology into a child's vernacular.  

 ધોરણ 2 નો તારીખ 11/6/2021નો ગણિત નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો વીડિઓ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો    

 ધોરણ 2 નો 12 તારીખ નો ગુજરાતી નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો   

13 તારીખે રજા 

તારીખ 14/6/2021 નો ધોરણ 2 નો ગણિત નો વિડિઓ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો  

તારીખ 15/6/2021 ધોરણ 2 નો 

તારીખ 16/6/2021 નો ધોરણ 2 નો વિડિઓ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

તારીખ 17/6/2021 ધોરણ 2 નો વિડિઓ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

તારીખ 18/6/2021નો ધોરણ 2નો ગણિત નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો  

તારીખ 19/6/2021નો ધોરણ 2 નો ગુજરાતી નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

તારીખ 21/6/2021 ધોરણ 2 નો ગણિત નો વિડિઓ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો  

તારીખ 22/6/2021 ધોરણ 2 નો ગુજરાતી નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

તારીખ 23/6/2021 નો ધોરણ 2નો ગણિત નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

તારીખ 24/6/2021 નો ગુજરાતી નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

તારીખ 25/6/2021 નો ધોરણ 2 નો ગણિત નો વિડિઓ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

26/6/2021નો ધોરણ 2 નો ગુજરાતી નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો  

28/6/2021 નો ધોરણ 2 નો ગણિત નો વિડીઓ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

29/6/2021નો ધોરણ 2 નો ગુજરાતી નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

Definitions, terminology, etc. should be tried to explain to D with examples of the child's daily life.  In addition to this, if the child is taken to the study by understanding and accepting all the necessary things at the local level, the expected result can be obtained. In the end, Kabirji has said -  Echatani: "If we apply this essence in education, it will be considered as an excellent contribution in building a better society. Contact: Acharya, M. Y. High School, Dahod, Dist. Panchmahal Confidence is the first secret of success, - Emerson May 13, 2021
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Monday 28 June 2021

Gujarat State Survey Regarding conducting examinations in government and private universities and colleges offline or directly ...

 Gujarat State Survey Regarding conducting examinations in government and private universities and colleges offline or directly. 

Circular: With the relevant resolution taken in the above reading, the survey under the Department of Education has fixed the Common Academic Calendar of the academic year 2061-6 for the non-medical and pharmacy courses of government universities. In which it was decided that the offline (direct) examination should be taken only after receiving instructions from the state government. Currently, the following instructions are circulated for conducting offline (direct) examinations for undergraduate final semester / terminal semester and postgraduate students at the end of adult consideration, taking into account the academic interests of the students as the coVID-19 transition situation improves in the state.

 1. All government and private universities / colleges of the state will have to conduct off-line (direct) examinations for the final semester / terminal semester of undergraduate level and post-graduate level students during July 2021 keeping in view the prevailing conditions. . Before conducting the examinations, the state government private universities / colleges will have to ensure the vaccination of the examinees by organizing a compulsory covid vaccination camp for the students, academic and non-academic staff in collaboration with the local authorities such as the corporation municipality / panchayat.

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General Stream 2021 online guide for filling marks

 General Stream 2021 online guide for filling marks 

How to filling marks std 12 general stream 

The principals of all the secondary schools in the state registered at Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Gandhinagar are informed that the marks as per the prescribed structure of the regular students of Std. It has to be filled online by the school on 9/09/2071 from 11:00 in the morning to 05:00 on 20/09/2071 in the evening. All its relatives are asked to take note and fill the marks online within the time limit. Note: -Regular students' marks should be filled based on their name and application number. You can login using your school's index number and registered mobile number or Email ID to fill up the marks online. 


Shastra, Value and Education Pareshbhai V. Patel India (the system of the moment is the world's oldest and most basic education system. The seeds of education are sown from the Sanatan Shastras of India. The Khapana Shastras are our invaluable asset. Destroys and realizes seemingly indirect doctrines. The scriptures are human today, so those who do not know the scriptures are really blind. These scriptures have become the foundation of education. In the beginning, these scriptures were taught. "Education is the teaching of the scriptures" because these scriptures include ethics, weaponry, weaponry, grammar, conduct, purity of thought and behavior, politics, theology. , Morality, spirituality etc. were taught.Literacy rate in India today is satisfactory.But our social, cultural and moral life Vastha has created an atmosphere of unrest in the country. One writer's show is worth quoting, "We have the morale but not the sympathy, we have the research but we have opened up to God, we have a husband but no direction, but we lack the sanctity of the medium." Maan has been the victim of this chaos without the country as a whole, for the development of the country after independence and. The plans were implemented and through them the country's refusal was developed but the invitation for education for the education of the masses and the formation of the natural character of the people did not change. We need to be reminded of the old adage, “Student is not really bad. "Every human value is declining today, many serious and complex, social as well as economic problems like unrest, crime, corruption, violent communalism in the society are facing us. If there is a cure for all these serious and serious problems, it is one.

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Sunday 27 June 2021

3D logo maker review by me most useful App in play storeCreate your name logo on your mobile

 3D logo maker review by me most useful App in play storeCreate your name logo on your mobile

 3D logo maker

Create your name logo on your mobile

android apps,Appliction,app review2021

Very useful app for creating quick attractive logos.  Simple user - friendly interface.  The only constraint is that one does not have variety of options in changing the colors of preset logos.  That is, you can't choose different colors shades or hues of other sections of a default logo outside the main body or frame.  But overall, it's a versatile app. 

3D Logo Maker is Logo creator logo generator icon maker and free logo designer.

Are You Looking For Logo Designing OR the Brand Identity...?

3D Logo Maker is then only for you. 

3D Logo Maker can design and generate 3D logos for your brand identity. 

Logo Maker Plus is not only designed for logos but it "Logo Maker Free" also have the key feature of Business Card Maker and Visiting Card Maker app. 

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Logo Maker Free pro 3d game maker studio , ilustrador 3d Logo Creator & Logo Generator Icon Maker 2019

Logo Maker pro is Logo Generator is a professional logo design studio that lets you create powerful branding for your business in a matter of Minutes. It provides everything you need to get started. It only takes a moments to create your own logo in a couple of easy steps

Our Logo Maker is a Fully Loaded Logo Designer App To Create Professional, Unique, Cool and Impressive Logos.logo maker for photography,logo designing software and logo maker for business with logo maker free 3d letter maker, editor de slogan , title maker .

Now You Don't Need To pay a freelancer, Designer or an Artist You Can Create Original Logos with logo design maker,Using A-Lot of Elements and Editing Options, There is no Limit on Creativity. We have Provided you Many Logos, icons With a Better Control there is a Good Collection of 2d Logos and 3D logos You can Say it is a 3D logo maker too. We also have provided many background options you can add logos to you photos also you can add gradients and logo for youtube, colors and etc.logo foundry and logo art.logo adder to pics and watermark on pics with logo builder and logo editor.

install fast 3D makar application

The best text editing options you can add or edit your text freely You can change color of your text and you can use any font style it has many font styles you can easily apply any font it contains 2D font styles and 3D font is the best tool ever You can use it as stylish text on photo,3D stylish text on Photo because you can write text on Your photos,logo generator,logo in picture,you can use it as icon designer maker make or generate icons you no more need to use heavy designing software or hiring a professional to create a logo or icon for you or your is the best Logo maker - Logo Creator, Logo Generator & Logo Designer,logo name maker with Following Features:

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You can add Logo to your Own Photo

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professional Layer management functions

Professional tools For Recoloring & Editing 

 Create your name or the professional logo of your business

  Create your own logo to keep in social media DP 

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Saturday 26 June 2021

Read all the newspapers pdf now in your mobile and also daily

 Read all the newspapers PDF  now in your mobile and also daily from this link

Letest news, All Gujrat news papers daily,Gujarat Samachar, DIVYBHASKAR,Sandesh,ankila etc all 

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The result of the Big exam is not healing !! Played for the first time in the    environment of the village That is, either Ro Moo 411 goes. In such a  affairs , if [h ’is  penal in the child's dialect, who doesn't find it particularly new and the sociability in it is preserved b5http://epapergujaratsamachar.comecause 'Kharki education is the most important RMK education of the child's life which has a great impact on the child's creativity. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Saheb has said that every mind is sixfold from creativity but it  need attractive efforts to express it. Every mind is created 

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all gujarati news paper pdf, download divya bhaskar today news paper in gujarati, gujarat mitra, gujarat samachar epaper, surat gujarat samachar epaper, vadodara gujarat samachar, live gujarat samachar,  newspaper today, sandesh news paper,  today gujarati.

Thiss is improvement  main in subjects like  calculation and science. The main reason why students do not understand certain things up to secondary level is the strain in understanding the matter from the very beginning. If it is preserved in this way at an early stage, it is more likely to succeed. It is also important to make the language of such subjects as simple as possible.   employment tells you what to do and what not to do, and  trust gives you the strength to do it. Stan Simerth May 12, 2021
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How to check the result of standard 10 in this time2021

 GSEB SSC Result 2021 - Gujrat Board will be declared GSEB 10th result 2021. May be in upcoming 1st July in state off Gujarat 

How to check the result of standard 10 in this time 2021 

of Language and its use is fundamental in education. It performs an important function like the spinal cord to make sensible adjustments between teacher and student. The use of a child's speech for language learning, which goes up and down with the meaning of the words, as well as the speed, meaning and position of his literacy, is less likely to be difficult to understand. At the same time, education becomes enjoyable for him when he is instilling a sense of belonging to the school, education and teachers, and in this way, after awakening interest in him, gradually turning him towards language learning can give him confidence to move forward sensibly. The way the seedlings are planted in a different soil in the nursery and when sown elsewhere, the plant first adapts to the new soil and during this process the old leaves are gradually removed and replaced by new ones. What is multilingualism?
 Multilingualism in general means the teaching of multiple languages. In many states and big cities of our country, the language of the child's home is different and the language of education is different. In such a situation, multilingualism is an attempt to reconcile the two by making the child's home language the medium of instruction and its connection with the standard language.
 Why the inevitability of multilingualism? Newmark has said something very important in this regard. He says - "We know very well how to learn a language, yet we interfere a lot in the process of learning it. Language can be learned very well when our focus is not on learning the language, in fact in a multilingual society most children learn and experiment with multiple languages ​​at once. Because his focus is not on learning the language but on learning the message hidden in it. 'But we are a little behind in this matter. According to the adage ‘dialect changes in twelve villages’, the words, pronunciation and meaning of the vernacular are different. E.g. Booming in a village means using the vernacular in the vernacular, such as "Hadi K" or "Rohdi Mail" to run, and when the same child comes to school, he is confronted with a different word for the same action. 

રિઝલ્ટ કેમ જોવું તે અંગેની માહિતી. 

The child is confused from the very beginning. This is very likely to happen in almost every Talpada verb. And when there is a big difference between the vernacular of Chintan and the standard Gujarati language, the condition of the child gets worse at an early stage. If the language medium is different then the question is even more confusing. The same conflict is going on today between English and other mediums. Insisted. Its
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Wednesday 23 June 2021

Schools may open in Gujarat in next two months

 Schools may open in Gujarat in next two months 

Proxy talent show ot lu medium rainforest shawl!Don't ask, I am Mansi Hair, Ashawala Kalti is the air of the weaving forest, Poot 11) - Plil Dhantejvi is found in the word world record, the eye of the one lying at the address at night is the sin of working as its representative in Foini Gir Bajri. There is no need to talk even as a representative of a car. I don't know. Pinny ash is used for Karni Dhati present in the general Rama of the limited company and the small North gig in his own absence. 13 / A carpin given to another person to vote, "That means he has a child!" Magiri is not to be maintained, only to give her own clay nag. If the election happens by chance, Mamda has the responsibility of the story. If there is a discussion, it is not fair to take part in it, if a person wants, he can take part in it. In short, no specific operational responsibility has been assigned, Kheda, maybe Maa is to be present, but the operational task is to assign the responsibility of Raju [oW Kana's brother's so-called Lai's half-measured Suni. Is Polly  The pillar that is to measure the subject of the villa's papa is Radha. Of water and measured particles. So on Home 131 Rawata The Is expected. Opposition locks do not go to massage but 15 information and information fights are not taken from it. The performance of Manar show of this borde There is talk of being a normal person, but Kamli Reena is bored. One is in૨ wahi bawa gumar karyu that class work check and g is the content of many tasan [, but both wal! Dari's talk is based on diameter .. Standing in a corner Noodie should spend time keeping rates just above the odds. 4. Ponini Tas Devath

ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો...

There is a clear work in the field of education in the field of education as much as there are dreams as far as writing from the rock festival is concerned. Do not keep your responsibilities outside the center. It will make your fall. 

Havee full confidence in yourself and keep working from your center, something annoying you. Swami is Ramtirtha, 2021
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Tuesday 22 June 2021

Higher Secondary GIA Candidate Waiting List Updated 2021

 Higher Secondary GIA Candidate Waiting List 

Letest news,all information about tat GiaBharti 2021,GIA HS Qualified waiting 2021 

Testing can teach the Gita. Kill the terrible monsters. Govardhan can lift the mountain. He also plays the flute and grazes the cows. When everything is going against us, remember that even airplanes fly against the air, not with it. Start ... where you are Use ... What you have Do ... What you can. The government is making every effort on a war footing to eradicate the Corona virus. We understand our role in maintaining, improving and developing the system rather than disrupting it. The central or state government is taking the best decisions according to the circumstances to save the lives of the citizens. Everyone should ask their conscience a question What did I do to prevent the transition to corona? I am happy to say that the teachers of Gujarat have become 'Corona Warriors' and have cooperated with the government in this fight with their body, mind and money. Tough - It is very important to maintain faith and patience in difficult circumstances, when we make a decision, the universe also starts conspiring to fulfill it. Cultivating an approach is very rewarding. Everything God does is for our good. Because we are all children of God. Any father always does good to his children, never harms them. That's a beautiful thing. A rich man built a boat to sail alone. On the day of the holiday, he set sail in his boat. Reached the Mediterranean. There was a storm at sea. The boat started to sink . The boat seemed unlikely to survive. Then he put on a life jacket and fell into the sea. The boat sank. The storm also calmed down. Floating Floating reached the man on an island . There was no one on the island. Nothing was visible except the sea roaring around the island. The man thought that I had never done anything wrong to anyone in my life, so why did this happen to me? His conscience answered, "The only God who has saved him from the stormy sea is the one who will find a way out." The days went by. The man spent his days eating leaves and trees growing on the island.

 Within a few days, his condition worsened. Gradually, his faith began to wane. He also began to question the existence of God. There is nothing like God, otherwise my condition will not happen. He did not know how many days he would spend on the island. It occurred to me to build a small hut. He built the hut with the help of tree branches and leaves. It just so happened that tonight I would sleep in this hut. I will not be sleeping in the open . As night fell, the atmosphere changed. Suddenly there were lightning strikes, huts in the hut before going to sleep, lightning struck and the whole hut started burning. Seeing the burning hut it collapsed. Manoman started arguing with God, you are not God, you are a demon, you have nothing like mercy, you are very cruel, the man was sitting there crying with his hands on his head in frustration. Suddenly a boat came ashore. Two men got out of the boat and came to him and said, “We have come to rescue you. Seeing your burning hut, it occurred to us that someone was trapped on this barren island. If you hadn't set fire to the hut, we wouldn't have known anyone was here! Tears welled up in the man's eyes. I apologized to God and said that I knew that he had set fire to my hut to save me. 

Higher Secondary GIA Candidate Waiting List click Here to download
When something bad happens, a man becomes helpless. Helen Keller has a great thing to say. Your confidence is more useful than any other tool to achieve the success of happiness at the same time when God closes a door of happiness. - Abraham Lincoln May, 2021.

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GUJCET Exam for Std 12 Science students Date of filling the form for GUJCET exam announced ...

 GUJCET Exam Breaking: Big news for Std.12 Science students

 Date of filling the form for GUJCET exam announced ...

2, Corona epidemic fills the whole world. Has taken over. Every problem has a solution and a solution. No problem or epidemic is permanent, only when big storms come, the tree bends down, survives, and the tree that survives collapses. The challenge is the invitation to change. Challenge becomes benevolent only when it is accepted and resisted. The challenge is to nod. Challenge also has to be welcomed, it is not removed by hating or despising it, the challenge has to be challenged even if it screams. Challenge also often works wonders. The revelation of the challenge is the triumph of life. 

Press Note GUJCET2021.pdf

We have to fight a battle more than once to win in. Any country becomes great from the people. During World War II, Germany bombed and sank sugar ships coming to Britain. There was a severe shortage of sugar in Britain. People stood in long lines at the ration shop for hundreds of grams of sugar. The then Prime Minister Churchill appealed to the people to “get in the measure of sugar. Buy enough sugar as needed. Don't save, otherwise the poor will be left without sugar. Churchill, who was leaving for Parliament the next day, saw happy-looking people standing in long lines at shops. He was saddened that even after the announcement that everyone would get sugar, people did not have patience, he sent the secretary to investigate. After a while he came back and said: "Sir, I have come not to take sugar from the line but to give back to those who had more sugar so that those who do not have it can get it." "Who beat the country where there are such people," said Chachil
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Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Press Release

 Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Press Release

  Will be taken from 2021 to 3/06/2021. 

A detailed examination schedule is included with this. Principals, teachers, students as well as parents of all secondary and higher secondary schools accredited by the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education are requested to take note 


What can be done for YO education process? D. S. Patel Shikshakmitro, Let us develop the curiosity of the students by teaching them with the help of the textbook cover of Puran-10 Social Sciences. So that students can acquire knowledge through observation. So let's use the homepage as a teaching tool. Social Science Standard 10 Learn the details of why this net is called 'Sidi Syed's net'. " 
Is. Theis net was made by Sidi Syed in 1572-73 for Sardar Sham-ud-din Muzaffar Khan III of Gujarat Sultanate, Bibar Zazarkhan.  Sidi Syed started building from the income of the villages of his jagir, but after falling in love with Sidi Sardar named Jahujarkhan, the work of the mosque which was given to Sidi Syed in the jagir and at the same time Akbar conquered Gujarat remained unfinished. So stones have been placed in one place in the mosque instead of lattice. 

ધોરણ 12 માટે રીપીટર ની પરીક્ષા નો કાર્યક્રમ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માંટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

 After the death of Sidi Syed, he is buried at this place. Teacher friends, in addition to the above information, please inform the students by answering the questions raised below. (1) Who gave Sidi Syed villages in Jagiri? Why ? (2) Which English official prevented Sidi Syed's mosque from being transferred to government office? (3) The symbol of which institution in Ahmedabad is "Sidi Syed's net"? (4) How many nets are there in Sidi Sayyid Mosque? Are all those pictures the same, like rice? (5) What picture is depicted in 'Sidi Syed's net'? (6) What is the peculiarity of the composition of "Sidi Syed's net"? Friends, if you look at the information given in this article and the questions presented, students will have an idea of ​​how to teach from the front page. . Compilation: Secretary / Editor, Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Gandhinagar 
This picture is similar to the heart of Ahmedabad city located in the south. There is a lattice carved in the wall of Sidi Syed's mosque. That is, we all know it as 'Sidi Syed's net'. Praise from older people boosts our self-confidence. Kalidas May, 2021

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Monday 21 June 2021

STD 1 LIVE CLASS TIME DAILY :4:30 PM TO 5:00 p.m. Gujarat Home Learning

 STD 1 LIVE CLASS TIME DAILY :4:30 PM TO 5:00 PM Gujarat Home Learning Video Day t

Dear Principal Friends, Teacher Brothers and Sisters, Greetings to all, ‘Secondary Education and Testing’ ... I am happy to present the May 2021 issue of the Educational Magazine to all the readers in the sense of study and observation. As the year 2021-22 i.e. June, 2021 is changing the year of this magazine, the schools of the state and all those who want to become individual subscribers are requested to pay their fixed subscription on time. Accurately give your full address along with the pincode number so that you can get each issue on time. I would like to express my gratitude to all the readers and writers for their warmth, inspiration and encouragement to make this magazine more and more powerful, quality and have a wide readership every year. May 1, 1960, the founding day of the state of Gujarat ... Gujarat's contribution to the development of the nation and to a leading, exemplary and progressive place in the world has been unprecedented for the last 60 years. Behind the proud development of Gujarat is the lion's share of many Gujarat-loving heroic grandsons. Well known creator-writer Kaka Kalelkar's statement on education years ago is very persuasive and ironic. Education says: "I am the lord of the human heart, intellect and all the senses. Sociology and psychology are my two legs, art and craft are my hands, science is my brain, religion is my heart, zeal and industry are my lungs, patience is my vow, faith is my capital. "True education is a lifelong, dynamic, motivating and ongoing process of" human empowerment "and" inner enlightenment. " Through which the child can develop physically, mentally, intellectually and emotionally. In the current situation of⁰ Corona virus, when the actual teaching work is stopped, strictly adhering to the Covid-19 guideline, teachers and parents are requested to take care of their young son / daughter by staying at home while maintaining your health. Kindly request parents to provide more warmth, love, inspiration, encouragement and necessary guidance to the children. Continue your ‘study’ by using all your strength without fear of exams or corona, without suffering any fear, burden or stress, without getting frustrated. 

Important Links: 

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Saturday 19 June 2021

Matter of admission in standard 1 under RTE 2021

Matter of admission in standard 1 under RTE 2021

Subject: - Matter of allotment of admission in the third round for the year 2021-2 under RTE. 

 Reference: - 1.  Resolution No. of Education Department RTE / 2031 / 1013-9 Dt.  3/08/2081 to state under the above subject that, free admission year under RTE: - The third round of admission allotment for 2021-21 has been made online by the Office of the Director of Primary Education, Gandhinagar on 9/06/2071.  The children who got admission in the third round by that school were given the date.  

Students who have been admitted till 5/08/2071, will have to complete the process of fixing admission in the school.  The schools in which the children have been allotted admission will have to give all the instructions from your level to all the schools from your level on how to complete the admission process by the school within the time limit for the students admitted under RTE. 

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Thursday 17 June 2021

Gujarat Board 12 Standard Evaluation

Gujarat Board

 12 Standard Evaluation 

How to create the result of standard 12 mass promotion

Contingent: Personal Introduction Coordination Emblemed Bottana Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Born in Mahu in Madhya Pradesh We know Babasaheb Ambedkar as the format maker. This grave place he received from self-views. He spent the whole life study, contemplation and conflict. Come, know about the great front of the Constitution. Babasaheb Ambedkar was born on April 14, 1891. Father's name was the name of Ramjra, and mother. This wigmer gave birth to Ambedkar as 14th sons. The name was born and called him by saying Bhimrao. Since the mission caste was born, the victim of contamination of untouchability was to be done. Bhambai was simply five in fourteen children. Balram, Grajan, Manjurla, Tulsi and Small Bhumra, Balram were married. He lives away from the father. Two daughters were married, and the Sasher ran. Living only five children in the house. Bhim was the youngest. It was some of the lame of all of them in the basis of Very Race, Power, Body, Broadly, Holded Eyes, Black Bhumar Cache and Native Nature. 

અખબારી યાદી 17-06-2021.pdf
The father was aid that on one day Bhim Nerur will make his name rosy. So specially painted to bhim. Bhambai was a statue of compassion, it is said that one of the Gishisan Kundari was told that this child will be great and its intimidation in the country. In the school, Ramjacho's big son was the giant. Ramgaisha, also thought of getting marrow in the same school. Reluctantly fell to Bhimnee's father's command. Bhambai's health was fragile, he liked his son but his son has to go to school, listening to his illness. Till the kink in a plate and turned to the head in the forehead. Small Bhimrao Chimrew school in hand and recorded. Guruji carried Sril. Greeted in the leg. The name in the register was registered. 

ધોરણ 12 પરિણામ બનાવવા માટે જૂથ પસંદગી સમજણ

The school environment was very loved, but was not interested in learning Bhimuna. Running from school, escape to play a punctuation corner. During this period, the mother of Bhimbai illness started to grow. The effects of medicine occurred. Ultimately, Putting only five-year-old Bhumuna in 1896, the mother was fared from the worldly worldly. Due to the death of Bhambai, Father has been responsible for Ramjra. Ramjra, was worried about children and home, as well as to do the job. Eventually, Ramgain has rejuvenated with a widowed woman named Jar.


 The nature of Djabbhai was jig. As a result, the house and inferior to the forest. Bhumra is also like a crap of crisp, so often with fights. If you look at the worwwing experiences in Bhimonne in school, during the study, due to untouchability, Bhimoanne had to suffer many bitter experiences. 115 years ago in Indian Hindu society, Bhumano's education should be powerful and useful ideas from campaite to Satara, and assuming your mind. - Swami Vivekananda 41 April, 2021)
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Tuesday 15 June 2021

Acharya Abhirup Test 2021 HMAT notification in 2021

 Acharya Abhirup Test 2021 HMAT notification in 2021

A. Details of Educational Qualification and Experience: Only candidates who have been appointed to the post of Principal in the registered private (Grant-in-Aid) Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools and who are fulfilling the required educational qualifications, experience and other provisions / conditions. 

 Will be able to appear in this test.  વ્યક્તિ B.Ed with postgraduate in any of the subjects taught in a registered secondary / higher secondary school or M.Ed with a bachelor in any of the subjects taught in secondary / higher secondary school.  Or hold equivalent degree as declared by the State Government and have at least 7 (seven) years of experience in teaching / supervision after being appointed as per rules in a registered Grant-in-Aid / Government Secondary / Higher Secondary School.  

(Or) B.Ed. with a bachelor's degree in any of the subjects taught in a registered secondary / higher secondary school.  Or have equivalent degree as declared by the State Government and have at least 10 (ten) years of experience in teaching / supervision after being appointed in a registered grant-in-aid / government secondary / higher secondary school as per rules. 

 When recruitment is to be done, the details of educational qualification and experience will be checked by the recruitment selection committee and the decision of the recruitment selection committee in this regard will be final.  .  

Test Structure: • This test will be based on OMR of Multiple Choice Question Based MMCs.  This test will be in two sections.  Section-1 will have 100 questions and Section-2 will have 100 questions.  

• This test will have 200 questions for various purposes and the time of question paper will be 150 minutes in a row.  વિભાગ Both sections and all questions of this test will be mandatory. 

 Both the sections of this test will have the same question paper in a row.  Each question will have one mark.  The answer to each question will be given four options, from which the correct option will have to be chosen.  There will be no negative assessment in the assessment of this test.  • The syllabus of the question paper will be as stated in the resolution number of the education department: Bamash / 1118/4 / G, dated: 09/06/2018.  (A copy of the resolution is attached herewith.) Examination Fee: પરીક્ષા Examination Fee for candidates of SC, ST, SEBC, PH category 250 / - (two hundred and fifty full) while examination fee for general category candidates 350 / - (three hundred and fifty full)  . 

 In addition the service charge will be separate.  Fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. 
Fee Payment Method: Candidates will be able to pay the examination fee through ATM CARD / NET BANKING through online payment gateway. Click on Print Application / Pay Fees to fill in the online fee and fill in the details. Then click on Online Payment. 

 Then in the given options select the appropriate option from the Net Banking of fee "or other Payment Mode" options and fill in the next details. After the fee is credited, it will be written on the screen that your fee has been credited. And e-receipt whose print will be deleted. 

 If there is any defect in the process, it will be seen on the screen that your fee has not been paid. Candidates who pay the fee online, if the fee e-receipt has not been generated after deducting the fee amount from his bank account, such candidates should immediately contact the State Examination Board by e-mail 

 Late Fee: ઉમેદ Candidates who have been left to pay the fee within the stipulated period from 08/06/2071 to 08/04/2071 with fixed fee of Rs. 200 / - including late fee State Examination Board, Sector-21, Can fill in face at Gandhinagar. 

 Test / examination center; The test centers will be decided by the State Examination Board according to the number of candidates registered for the test / examination and the administrative convenience of the examination. 

 The candidate has to appear for the examination on his / her own at the examination center allotted by the board. Medium of this question paper: 

• This test will be conducted in Gujarati medium. Important Notice:

 1. The website must be viewed regularly after the last date of filling the form.

 2. Document verification of the details of experience / qualification mentioned in the online application form will be done by the District Education Officer of the concerned district from 09/08/2071 to 15/04/2071. He should be present at the office of the District Education Officer of the district. 

 3. Only the candidates who have been approved online at the end of the document verification by the District Education Officer will be able to appear in this examination conducted by the State Examination Board.  

રાજકોટ જિલ્લા ની આચાર્ય ની ખાલી જગ્યા ઓ 

 4. Candidate should fill in his personal information, educational qualification, experience as well as other details carefully. If the candidate is not approved due to incorrect / insufficient details during the document verification done by the District Education Officer or does not appear for the verification within the stipulated time, the candidature of the candidate will be canceled and the fee paid by the candidate will not be refundable. 

 5. The application form for this test is filled online by the State Examination Board, Gandhinagar and the details of the information sought in it are concealed by the candidate.

 Or if the Board finds out about giving false information at any stage, the decision to cancel the result of such candidate will be taken by the Chairman, State Examination Board.  

6. Candidate has to provide a certificate online that the details of the form filled by him are correct. If anyone submits false details, his form will be eligible for cancellation and it will be a criminal offense against him.

  7. During the recruitment process, the personal information, educational qualifications, experience and other details of the successful candidates will be verified by the recruitment selection committee and the decision of the recruitment selection committee in this regard will be final. 

 8. In case of Scheduled Castes as well as Scheduled Tribes, it is necessary to have the caste certificate of the competent authority. 

 9. Caste Certificate of Socially and Educationally Backward Classes of the competent officer appointed by the State Government for the candidates of Socially and Educationally Backward Classes and Resolution No. of the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment for the Socially and Educationally Backward Classes dated 7/08/2018  4 / A and a certificate of non-inclusion of competent officer (Non-Criminal Certificate) as per the resolution from time to time in this regard should be obtained.

  10. In case of Physical Handica, it is necessary to have the certificate of competent officer as decided by the State Government. 

 11. Candidate should print out the form filled online on the website and sign the form.  The candidate will have to keep the applicable grounds.  The candidate will have to submit it when a requirement arises.  

12. The same candidate who has paid the prescribed examination fee will be able to download his computerized Holtikit from the same website by entering his confirmation number and date of birth during the period indicated in the notification.  

13. In order to pass this test, the candidates of all the categories will have to get 50% marks of the total marks i.e. out of the total marks of 200, they will have to get 100 marks in both the sections.  

14. Only the candidates who pass this test will be given a certificate with marks by the board.  

15. The validity period of this test certificate will be up to five years from the date of result.  

16. But once this test is given, any candidate will be able to appear for the examination more than once for his / her qualitative improvement and good merit and in that case the certificate of the test which will be submitted by the candidate will be taken into consideration.

17  Candidates are advised to beware of anti-social elements who are involved in the test.  Candidates who bring any kind of lagwag will be disqualified and disciplinary action will be taken.  18. If further information is required as per the above advertisement, the toll free helpline number 1800 233 7963 of the Board office can be contacted during office hours on the current working day of the office.

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