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Tuesday 29 June 2021

Today's video of all j standard under Readiness Knowledge Bridge is useful to all standard students

 Today's video of all j standard under Readiness Knowledge Bridge is useful to all standard students

EducationBridge corsh 2021,30/6/2021all std videos 

Education-II examination Do not gather in crowds in tuition or any other Jagdhar till the present situation is brought under control, contribute to tree planting, cleaning campaign and public awareness. Understand and adhere to the rules given by the nation (with safety). 

Too bring the nation out of the epidemic, we have to contribute wisely by following the rules, whether we listen to or watch news that is negative, negative or affects the mind. The disadvantages outweigh the advantages of a mobile phone, so parents should do their job properly. Plan ahead for the whole day. If there are grandparents in the house, at most their. 

Takee advantage of experience and knowledge. Thus, by giving proper education to the children while they are at home at the time of the epidemic, we all contribute for the self-interest and national interest and save mankind from the epidemic. So, let us serve the nation by proving that the whole house is the first step of compassion in the true sense. Contact: Sarvavidyalaya, Kadi, Dist. Mehsana 1. 4 Sixteen Golden Principles of Success Preserve Values ​​in Life.
 2. Assume firmly that no failure is permanent. '' 
3. Learn to accept mistakes and responsibilities. Avoid unnecessary haste.
 5. Don't get bored, remember that boredom always makes life thorny

. 6. Learn to live life happily, smiling, gently.
 7. Get the job done daily. List the remaining tasks and finish tomorrow. 8. Never get angry. Deal with circumstances wisely. Cultivate memory to remember useful things and forget useless ones.

 10. Appreciate someone's good deeds with a sincere heart.

 11. Let go of despair, always be optimistic. Understand the difference between hard work and labor. 
 13 Be free from prejudice against anyone and learn from compromises. 14. Learn where to say yes and where to say no.
 15. To maintain both the health of the body and the well-being of the mind, 16. Be good and do good to others. Compiled by: Ajay Singh Champawat, Himmatnagar, Dist. Sabarkantha (Uttar Pradesh) 9. 12 ‘Man, no matter how knowledgeable, virakta, parmik or jitendriya, cannot attain Moksha without yoga. '- Brahmand Purana May 20, 2021

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