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Tuesday 29 June 2021

The result of standard 10 will be seen today at 8 o'clock

 The result of standard 10 will be seen today at 8 o'clock 

Blasting Breaking News: The result of standard 10 will be seen today at 8 o'clock
 Link to see results 

Only schools will be able to see the result

 Only schools will see the result as students do not have a seat number

 Schools will have to deliver the results to the students

 100% result will come due to mass promotion. 

Home: The first step of education is Jitu Nayak Education and education are two different words at present. The word Shiksha which was used in ancient times is the same as Shiksha which means ... literacy and education. At present, education means only acquiring literacy. We all know that when we send a child to school today, everyone has the same expectation that the child will get a good result in the examination based on the textbook knowledge. But we can say that education is obtained only when the child acquires the knowledge of the textbook as well as the culture, civility, self-awareness, self-discipline and sensible behavior. Only such education can save any nation from an epidemic. Most schools offer only textbooks but not education. So the teachings of the present time are used in times of trouble or epidemics, right? Schools also have to think about this now, because at the time of the epidemic, if children can not be useful to themselves or the family or the country by using self-awareness, discipline and understanding, then why education? For the last one and a half years our country and the whole world have been fighting the Corona epidemic while the real education work is almost the same.

 At such times the children are catered to at home. At this time children spend most of their time with their parents and it is the responsibility of the parents to use the time wisely as well as to maintain the physical and mental health of the child. At present parents are becoming unaware even though they know that home is the first step of the same path and especially at the present time - it is the responsibility of the mother to see that her children become physically and mentally fit and educated by making good use of their time. - Become a father. Parents have the experience of character age to use it to provide true education against childcare epidemics. That is to say, work should be taken from the child in such a way that the child does not go astray or suffer from any mental illness and time needs to be allotted for that. Parents and children, as well as family members, should take note of the following, acknowledging that the home is the place of greatest education at the time of the epidemic. By parents and elders: Make time for children, that is, sit with the children. Get involved in children's favorite activity. Create a positive atmosphere. Follow the rules yourself. Tell inspiring occasions or stories. Read good books. Correct children's mistakes with love. Keep an eye on the child's mobile usage. Send children to a public place without a compelling reason. ‘Yoga means to feel good, to be good and to be good. '- Swami Sivananda May, 2021 18

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