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Monday 25 October 2021

Circulars of all important Gujarat Government from 25/10/21 to 31/10/21

 Circulars of all important Gujarat Government from 25/10/21 to 31/10/21.

Education,Education all news,Mahtvana paripatro 2021-22,Date :25/10/21 to 31/10/21.

The country's first plasma bank has been set up at Kovid Dedicated Hospital in Ahmedabad.  So far, more than 50 plasma donors have donated blood.  Doctors from civil hospitals, including doctors from the Department of Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion THBT, are encouraged to do plasma dots on Kovik's healed patients through a machine. 

 Collecting Pakma from the donor and following the guidelines of ICMR and NBTC in full.  Another pulse of the donor is also tested while taking plasma.  Plasma is given as soon as the antibody develops in the corona-free patient. 

 This plasma contains antibodies against the corona virus.  Dina Deer, who has recovered from Corona's disease, produces antibodies against the virus. 

 These antibodies are removed from the infected patient's curry and inserted into the patient's body.  Blood contains molasses and its fluid glands known as plasma. 

 Patients who recover from Covid 12 infection are more likely to have antibodies in their plasma.  The lama of the same patient is called "Valicant Plasma" which is given to the patient of Carona to increase the chances of the patient becoming san.  A special plasma bank has been started for such patients.

  FE vill COVIDIN PLASMA MANK Patients admitted to Kevid Hospital for treatment of cornea who have symptoms of Covid 1 like cough and sneezing. 

 PHSMA is taken by IHBT from a donor who has a RT-CR negative report of 12 to 15 years of age, weighs more than 50 kg and has a hemoglobin of more than 12.04%.  Know that cutting down and getting to the point where the child needs Axin is to see his villages improve quickly. 
 Each day is 50 ml of detergent or two chewable.  15 ml of Daz is kept for research process.  The whole process of ploma donut is completed in hours.  Shri Dr. JP Modi, Superintendent, Civil Hospital, said that plasma transmission has greatly improved the health of Corona patients.  
As a result, plasma has been donated spontaneously by 12 doctors of Biki Hospital, which has resulted in many patients needing external oxygen.  Thus, the doctors of the Civil Cospin are taking care of the patients in the ward and are playing a dual role in contributing to the healing of the patient by donating to the Si Pite Plaza. 

 Prof. Dr. THBT.  Chaitra Kar and Gossiat Prosker Dr.  Nidhi Ghatnagar said that they are being encouraged by contacting them who have gone home from Sividh Hospital Khan today.  In the forthcoming plan by the department to have a multi-world group, the transition from passion to khilma a dham bekya as per the rules of the Dams and Dismatics Act, if it seems necessary, after giving all kinds of information and approval to the blood donor in Gujarat and other places in the country. 

 The machine separates the blood components and collects 20 ml of plasma and returns it to the body of the buddy donor.  Kanyasent plasma donation is a very simple and completely safe process, in which only one Padma plasma of blood is dotted. 

 Once donated, the plaza donor can donate again to Vavisant Lazma after another 15 days.  Shri Dr. M Prakar, Officer on Special 07 of Civil Hospital, said that the first batch of Army has been transferred to Gujarat - July 15, 1050.

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