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Thursday 18 March 2021

Work for Non-Government Aided Higher Secondary Recruitment 2021

Work for Non-Government Aided Higher Secondary Recruitment2021

Work for Non-Government Aided Higher Secondary Recruitment 2021 PML 1 as soon as... published by GSERC on 19/3/2021 

Cos and all teams... 

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has launched 17 satellites in Babylon, one after the other.  At the same time, India became a proud country with the new Simachikuno, leaving behind 2 countries.  
With this launch, ISRO has vacated its Satellite Center for private companies.  Established the Space Corporation and The New Space India Limited to commercialize the satellite launch.  

Brazil's first satellite Amazonia 1 has been launched by this Indian company known by the nickname NSIL.  For the first time, people from a private company or academy will test their satellite at the UR Rao Satellite Center in Bengaluru.  ISRO currently only allows for two satellites.  The satellite will also look at deforestation in the Amazon rainforest and conduct agriculture analysis for agricultural development. 

 With this launch, India-Brazil relations will reach the heights of space.  India has made it clear that it will maintain its relationship by sending the corona vaccine to Brazil.  This satellite for ISRO has been developed by 'Space Kids India'.  By sending an electronic copy of the Bhagavad Gita into space, the exclamations of Shri Bhagwan can only be sent to a planet (without stopping on the earth, in the solar system) for the future humanity or to convey the message of karma, knowledge, devotion to the people of Vaikuntha wandering in space.

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One more decision today by the state government to curb the growing corona infection in the state

One more decision today by the state government to curb the growing corona infection in the state 

 One more decision today by the state government to curb the growing corona infection in the state


Online education in all schools in 8 metros, schools closed

 📖📘 Exam postponed

 શિક્ષણ Education closed until April 10th

 📖📘8 Only for Municipal Corporation

  The system that was in place in the remaining areas will continue

 📖📘 Statement :: Hon'ble Minister of Education 

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Monday 15 March 2021

DD GIRNAR TIME TABLE 16 March thi 31 March sudhinu


All students use full and also use full to Gujarat teacher and all perent good to use this information in dd Girnar Time Table of Home learning conspet in Gujarat  

In the words of the President ... Sura Saraswatwara friends, greetings to all, Ta 1), 210.? | From 111 to 21 May, 2021 during Std-10 (SSC) and Std -12 Match SC,) «{| The Niri examination by the board is about to begin. Whether the exam is for school or for the board but it is a part of Javanese, in which systematic hard work and 'intelligent time planning is very necessary to get greatness. 


Understand the importance of one minute, one hour and keep preparing for the exam. Education is an ongoing process. The center of learning is from Vigha and the student's Manvit is based on Vic. It is essential that the teacher constantly encourages the student, guides him / her from heart to ear, motivates him / her towards his / her goal or instinct, instills in him / her moral values, positive thinking, instills the art of living. 

STD 1and 2 PDF 

Itt is through this process that a truly educated and affluent society and excellent citizens are formed. The second contribution of the student's parents in raising the quality of education is for the overall development of the child or for the success of the child. 

Ass the eyes follow Minchin Bara Kana Tek Kerek and his body) - Why think deeply for mental, intellectual, social, cultural and moral development "|| Registration and teacher registration work. Also Std. 10 and Std. 12 - Exam application. The process of filling up the form online is done in a timely and timely manner. The school, the best support of the family, from Saka 4. Every school function is beautiful. 

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Sunday 14 March 2021

Granted Higher Secondary Recruitment 2021 How many candidates were present and how many were absent in Document Verification

 Granted Higher Secondary Recruitment 2021 

How many candidates were present and how many were absent in Document Verification all district in Gujarat 

 Higher Secondary Granted 
 Total number of candidates included in DV list - 12131 
 Total Candidates present - 10085 
 Number of non-thousand candidates - 2046 
 Verified Candidate - 9063 
 Number of query forms - 1022 
 Number of absent candidates by subject_ 
 1 Commerce - 346
 2 Biology - 40
 3 Chemistry - 125
 4 Economic - 196
 5 English - 560
 6 Geography - 06
 7 Gujarati - 140
 8 Hindi - 41
 9 History - 41
 10 Mathematics - 40
 11 Physics - 61
 12 Psychology - 79
 13 Sanskrit - 99
 14 Social Science - 250
 15 Computers - 13
 16 Krishi Vidya - 02
 17 Philosophy-05
 18 Statistics - 05 
 played a former role in the people of India and fought for the freedom of the Hindus in a foreign country.  Jeevanzarmar: Subhash Chandra Bose was born on January 23, 1897 in the family of Janakinath, a government lawyer. 
 Subhay was brilliant and intelligent from his childhood, passed examinations in Cuttack School, Presidency College, Calcutta, etc. with very good marks, went to England for further studies and from there passed the ICS examination which was considered to be very important and returned to Calcutta. 

 Paris Day c.  From the bitter experiences of the arrogance of the English professors of the college, the seeds of their v, e kani were sown.  Is.  The independence of India from 1921 onwards led to Jo Dia in the village, Jo Dia in the Swarajya Path in 1923, and in 1938 the presidency of the Haripura Congress Convention.  Gandhiji began to disagree on policy.  He was re-elected as President and Gandhiji's representative Dr.  Pattabhi lost to Sitaramaiah, Mahatmaji became enraged and resigned from the presidency before Mandukh escalated, split from the Congress, and formed a new 'Forward Bloc' party.  He was well supported by Dasbabu.  He remained abroad till his death in 1941 and fought against the British for the independence of our country. 

 He left for Peshawar.  The mother-in-law, Shorya, and Nirdharin ended their marriage to Italy. They reached Italy. Hitler was in Germany. Hitler allowed them to airlift the countrymen from there.  Mom went ahead.  Mr. Rashbehari Bose living in Japan retires freely.  

Handed over the helm of Hind Foj to Subhash Babu.  Meet the rulers of Japan, recruit in the army of Hindi soldiers captured as prisoners of war.  Making Singapore its headquarters, Khasam successfully marched to Imphal, Kohima and soured the teeth of the British army. 

  1.  The Women's Liberation Army under the leadership of Captain 8m also performed well.  The slogans of "Valley Delhi" and "Jai Hind" given by him on this cell phone were echoed all over the country.  Lo Ko called him 'Netaji', Anjali. On August 19, 1945, when Japan was engaged in surrender negotiations, Subhash Babu was on a flight from Saigon when his plane crashed near Taihoku on Fomesa Island and he was martyred that night.  Varya, it is believed.  "Netaji was so dear to us that he passed away, that is still not true today," he was quoted as saying.  As long as the slogan 'Jai Hind' continues to resound, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose will remain immortal.  "Provision: World War II broke out and Subhash Babu launched a campaign to hand over power to the British government, so the government arrested him and sent him to jail, but his health deteriorated and he was kept under house arrest.  They escaped from captivity and stayed in Thangani to liberate the motherland.  He disguised as Pathan and died on January 15, 1941 (thanks from the book 'Personal Introduction') 


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Wednesday 3 March 2021

Uninterrupted Higher Secondary School Granted Recruitment Researching the call letter from the documentation of the teaching supporting recruitment of 2021

Uninterrupted Higher Secondary School Granted Recruitment Researching the call letter from the documentation of the teaching supporting recruitment of 2021

GIA HS Dv,Home Learning 2021,call letter started as soon as ....

 How to download call letter in His Gia 2021

Self-empowered citizens will be able to meet the country through planned teaching methods with cooperative dialogues between students.  When a child is given the freedom to do something and he makes a mistake, he should correct the mistake by communicating in an encouraging style instead of making a fuss.  In the same way, when he is given the freedom to make decisions, he must be aware of the good and bad aspects of the matter.  Its demand should be satisfied only keeping in view the principle of selection.  Responsibilities and rights should be assigned to the child according to age.  Giving too much freedom at an early age can sometimes make a child feel insecure about their abilities.  Do not insist on completing tasks that he does not like, as doing so will make him helpless and lose confidence.  Children away from rude - unorthodox literature.  Keep giving him knowledge of sermons, biographies of great men, folk tales, etc., which will speed up his stamina and self-reliance.  Emerson's essay focuses on the main theme - "TRUST THYSELF". The self-reliant Sikh given to a person from his childhood can lead to a fully self-reliant India of the future.

How to make future sculptors of self-reliant India self-sufficient?  Suyogkumar b.  Raval is the teacher who taught the child in his childhood as well as the first role model to his parents and then his period of self-reliance or self-reliance. 

The ideal of education is to make all the senses fully functional and to be the complete master of one's own mind

dv list in below link 
 His negative thoughts can be made positive.  However the child likes to be self reliant from childhood.  Children are largely dependent on others.  That's when he says that I myself hold the finger of a small child parents, elders.  Jamish, I will dress myself, I will learn a little while walking on my school bag that I like to walk on my own, I will prepare it myself, I will tie the laces of my shoes myself, I will be able to go to my parents, elders and school on time. '  Etc etc ... then those actions need the umbrella of teachers. 

 Give them a chance according to the situation to teach self-reliance for the child / student.  Does it boost their confidence and is necessary for themselves?  The feeling of having achieved something is born.
  Self-reliance and parasitism can be taken if the cooperation of the adults in the household for any reason does not get the right solution efforts to get such problems of the child automatically.  Can't tell the difference between  Sometimes the knowledge imparted in childhood for the most common tasks, even during old age, adolescence or adolescence, becomes more mature with time and the gift of intercourse cannot leave a human being.  

Some students can gain proper control over the value of their lives as soon as they return home from school.  His own bags, uniforms, other belongings are cluttered, increasing the child's confidence. 

Religious or teaching, testing |  The child learns most of the sacraments from childhood  O The car plays a major part in giving.  Is.  Std.  Are similar.  If the atmosphere of the home is regular, cultured with its mental atmosphere, then the government will inculcate high principles in the child as well. 

 Puts.  Persuading them to organize their own things can reveal the student's special strengths.  To put it bluntly, parents, parents say that a child's paralysis decreases over time.

The lower the weight per kg (WPkg) the safer the phone is. The SAR of the mobile can be pulled by its packing parameter, the phone manufacturer's website or by dialing  (star, hash, zero, seven, bash), running in schools  In the teaching-learning process, the teachers also test the self-reliance of the students, for example, by explaining to the students some examples of Shia or some other method of mathematics, then they give other examples to the students and check their understanding and ability.
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bilow lin


  The concept of "DERIVE POSITIVE FROM THE DEPARTMENT" must be introduced in order for him to be able to perform the tasks according to his ability.  Assigning tasks can be exemplary and helpful in them.
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Tuesday 2 March 2021

Gujarat budget announced 2021

 Gujarat budget announced 2021

Breaking News Update

  Gujarat budget announced

 For the year 2021-22, the Gujarat state will have the largest ever estimate of Rs 2,27,029 crore

Honorable Speaker, we are all coming out of a global epidemic of Corona that has never been seen before in history.  At such times, # 40 gfe: 1 hi ha 1497: 1 As mentioned in this verse, our government, devoted to the best ideology of the Vedic age of India, is always working for the health and welfare of all.  Under the able leadership of Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Bhai Modi, the son of Panota of Gujarat and the heart of millions of citizens of the country, our country has proved to be much more successful than the developed countries of the world in preventing the Corona plague.  Our Government, led by Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, is working tirelessly to rid Gujarat of the Koro epidemic.  Our sensitive government has carried out successful planned operations from the earliest stages of the Koro epidemic to the stage of the vaccination campaign.  As a result, we have been able to prevent the great loss of human life in Gujarat due to the Koro epidemic in time.  We feel a sense of accomplishment in discharging the debts of the citizens of the state in such a responsible manner.  

Download PDF for complete information in Gujarati

We sincerely thank a large number of health workers, security guards, cleaners, government and non-government employees in public order, workers of religious and charitable organizations, donors, press and media personnel as well as all my esteemed fellow MLAs present in this glorious House.  .  All of the services and infrastructure works done by our government in the last two decades such as new medical colleges, increased capacity of hospitals, new laboratories equipped with modern equipment, modern ambulance services including blood banks, availability of all kinds of medicines, new hostels including Samaras etc.  The works proved to be very useful in the difficult times of the Corona epidemic.  Is.  The government has made all arrangements for the treatment of patients in all the districts of the state including Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar in a very short span of time so that all the needy patients can be treated in the hospital.  Is.  A total of 6 centers have been set up in the form of Kovil Hospital, Kovid Health Center and Kovid Care Center and provision of PUP and P4 beds has been made available in them.  On a war footing, 210 ventilators were installed and more than 5,000 ICUs were installed.  Bed comfort was erected.  The government provided free treatment to Koro patients in government hospitals and at concessional rates in private hospitals.  In addition, more than 1500 Dhanvantari Raths treated 25 million people to deliver home-based health services. 


  Find out the provision in the budget of Rs 32,719 crore for education. Upcoming plans of the education department


 >> A budget of 2 lakh 27 thousand 29 crore was presented for the year 2021-22.

 >> Provision in the budget of 7 thousand 232 crore for Krishi Khedut Kalyan Yojana.

 >> Provision of 5 thousand 494 crore for water resources.

 >> Provision of 32 thousand 719 crore for education.

 >> Provision of 11 thousand 323 crore for health and family welfare department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 3,511 crore in Women and Children Department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 3,974 crore for water supply department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 4,353 crore for Social Justice Empowerment Department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 2,656 crore for Tribal Development Department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 8,796 crore for Panchayat and Rural Development Department.

 >> Provision of 13 thousand 493 crore for urban development.

 >> Provision of Rs. 1,502 crore to Labor Welfare and Employment Department.

 >> Provision of 11 thousand 185 crore for road and building department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 1478 crore for Ports and Transport Department.

 >> Provision of 13 thousand 34 crore to the Department of Energy and Petrochemicals.

 >> Provision of Rs. 910 crore for climate change.

 >> Provision of Rs. 6599 crore for Industry and Mines Department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 625 crore for development of Statue of Unity.

 >> Provision of Rs. 1814 crore to Forest and Environment Department.

 >> Provision of 7 thousand 960 crore for law and order.

 >> Provision of Rs. 1224 crore to Food and Civil Supplies Department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 4548 crore for Revenue Department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 563 crore to the Department of Science and Technology.

 >> Provision of Rs. 507 crore for sports, youth and cultural activities.

 >> Provision of Rs 168 crore for information and broadcasting.

 >> Provision of 1698 crore for Law Department.

 >> 1730 crore provision to General Administration Department.

 After the success of Van-Bandhu Kalyan Yojana-1 in the Assembly budget, announcement of Van-Bandhu Kalyan Yojana-2 of 1 lakh crore for the next 5 years.  was done.

 >> Announcement of Sagarkhedu Sarvangi Kalyan Yojana-2.  50 thousand crore was allocated for the scheme.

Ayurvedic infusions and ayurvedic as well as homeopathic medicines were distributed to about two crore citizens at home to boost their immunity.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has commended our government for its unprecedented performance in the health sector during the Corona era.  Our Gujarat government has also implemented a self-sufficient Gujarat package of Rs 15,000 crore to help business people from all walks of life maintain their economic viability.

 2 lakh youth will be recruited in the government in the next 5 years

Download PDF for complete information in Gujarati

  Download PDF for complete information in Gujarati 

The Gujarat government will recruit two lakh youths in the next five years

 2 lakh youth to be recruited in government offices, board corporations, local bodies in next five years

 In the next five years, employment opportunities will be created for 20 lakh youth in different sectors

 Nitin Patel's announcement in the House

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