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Tuesday 2 March 2021

Gujarat budget announced 2021

 Gujarat budget announced 2021

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  Gujarat budget announced

 For the year 2021-22, the Gujarat state will have the largest ever estimate of Rs 2,27,029 crore

Honorable Speaker, we are all coming out of a global epidemic of Corona that has never been seen before in history.  At such times, # 40 gfe: 1 hi ha 1497: 1 As mentioned in this verse, our government, devoted to the best ideology of the Vedic age of India, is always working for the health and welfare of all.  Under the able leadership of Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Bhai Modi, the son of Panota of Gujarat and the heart of millions of citizens of the country, our country has proved to be much more successful than the developed countries of the world in preventing the Corona plague.  Our Government, led by Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, is working tirelessly to rid Gujarat of the Koro epidemic.  Our sensitive government has carried out successful planned operations from the earliest stages of the Koro epidemic to the stage of the vaccination campaign.  As a result, we have been able to prevent the great loss of human life in Gujarat due to the Koro epidemic in time.  We feel a sense of accomplishment in discharging the debts of the citizens of the state in such a responsible manner.  

Download PDF for complete information in Gujarati

We sincerely thank a large number of health workers, security guards, cleaners, government and non-government employees in public order, workers of religious and charitable organizations, donors, press and media personnel as well as all my esteemed fellow MLAs present in this glorious House.  .  All of the services and infrastructure works done by our government in the last two decades such as new medical colleges, increased capacity of hospitals, new laboratories equipped with modern equipment, modern ambulance services including blood banks, availability of all kinds of medicines, new hostels including Samaras etc.  The works proved to be very useful in the difficult times of the Corona epidemic.  Is.  The government has made all arrangements for the treatment of patients in all the districts of the state including Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar in a very short span of time so that all the needy patients can be treated in the hospital.  Is.  A total of 6 centers have been set up in the form of Kovil Hospital, Kovid Health Center and Kovid Care Center and provision of PUP and P4 beds has been made available in them.  On a war footing, 210 ventilators were installed and more than 5,000 ICUs were installed.  Bed comfort was erected.  The government provided free treatment to Koro patients in government hospitals and at concessional rates in private hospitals.  In addition, more than 1500 Dhanvantari Raths treated 25 million people to deliver home-based health services. 


  Find out the provision in the budget of Rs 32,719 crore for education. Upcoming plans of the education department


 >> A budget of 2 lakh 27 thousand 29 crore was presented for the year 2021-22.

 >> Provision in the budget of 7 thousand 232 crore for Krishi Khedut Kalyan Yojana.

 >> Provision of 5 thousand 494 crore for water resources.

 >> Provision of 32 thousand 719 crore for education.

 >> Provision of 11 thousand 323 crore for health and family welfare department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 3,511 crore in Women and Children Department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 3,974 crore for water supply department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 4,353 crore for Social Justice Empowerment Department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 2,656 crore for Tribal Development Department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 8,796 crore for Panchayat and Rural Development Department.

 >> Provision of 13 thousand 493 crore for urban development.

 >> Provision of Rs. 1,502 crore to Labor Welfare and Employment Department.

 >> Provision of 11 thousand 185 crore for road and building department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 1478 crore for Ports and Transport Department.

 >> Provision of 13 thousand 34 crore to the Department of Energy and Petrochemicals.

 >> Provision of Rs. 910 crore for climate change.

 >> Provision of Rs. 6599 crore for Industry and Mines Department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 625 crore for development of Statue of Unity.

 >> Provision of Rs. 1814 crore to Forest and Environment Department.

 >> Provision of 7 thousand 960 crore for law and order.

 >> Provision of Rs. 1224 crore to Food and Civil Supplies Department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 4548 crore for Revenue Department.

 >> Provision of Rs. 563 crore to the Department of Science and Technology.

 >> Provision of Rs. 507 crore for sports, youth and cultural activities.

 >> Provision of Rs 168 crore for information and broadcasting.

 >> Provision of 1698 crore for Law Department.

 >> 1730 crore provision to General Administration Department.

 After the success of Van-Bandhu Kalyan Yojana-1 in the Assembly budget, announcement of Van-Bandhu Kalyan Yojana-2 of 1 lakh crore for the next 5 years.  was done.

 >> Announcement of Sagarkhedu Sarvangi Kalyan Yojana-2.  50 thousand crore was allocated for the scheme.

Ayurvedic infusions and ayurvedic as well as homeopathic medicines were distributed to about two crore citizens at home to boost their immunity.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has commended our government for its unprecedented performance in the health sector during the Corona era.  Our Gujarat government has also implemented a self-sufficient Gujarat package of Rs 15,000 crore to help business people from all walks of life maintain their economic viability.

 2 lakh youth will be recruited in the government in the next 5 years

Download PDF for complete information in Gujarati

  Download PDF for complete information in Gujarati 

The Gujarat government will recruit two lakh youths in the next five years

 2 lakh youth to be recruited in government offices, board corporations, local bodies in next five years

 In the next five years, employment opportunities will be created for 20 lakh youth in different sectors

 Nitin Patel's announcement in the House

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