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Friday 26 February 2021

Education Assistant Recruitment in Non-Government Aided Higher Secondary Schools-2021 Documentary Certificates / Certificates / Other Supporting Evidence to be submitted at the time of Document Verification

 Education Assistant Recruitment in Non-Government Aided Higher Secondary Schools-2021 Documentary Certificates / Certificates / Other Supporting Evidence to be submitted at the time of Document Verification

 (Dv)  The date for downloading the Collection of Document Verification (DV) in this regard will be announced to the candidates shortly.  Candidates can properly submit the required marks / certificates / other supporting evidence at the time of Document Verification (DV) and the process of Document Verification (DV) can be completed smoothly within the stipulated time frame. 

 1. NOC of the prescribed specimen as suggested by the employees currently serving in the Government / Granted Institution obtained from the concerned Appointing Authority from the date of announcement from the date of application.  Will have to be presented.  

2. Copy of Affidavit / Government Gazette (in case of major discrepancy in name) / Copy of Marriage Registration Certificate for married woman candidate if name surname is changed

 3. School leaving certificate for proof of date of birth will be considered valid.  

4. Copy of caste certificate issued by the officer before the candidates for the reserved class (Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and SC) 

5. In case of physically challenged candidates, dated 01 /.  Certificate issued by the Medical Board of the Superintendent of Civil Hospital of the Government Hospital in the prescribed form as per circular of 102008 

6. Copy of Discharge Book and Certificate in case of ex-servicemen candidates.  Non-Criminal Certificate should be submitted on the same date as shown in the online application form for the 8th form and the main recruitment.  Option of Appendix - Appendix - 2 No other certificate will be valid.  Annexure - A in English (for Central Government Recruitment or Institutions) will not be valid. Married women candidates will have to submit such certificate in respect of their parents' income. If such candidates have submitted in respect of their husband's income, it will not be valid.

  8. [ws (Economically Weak) Candidates have to submit the certificate of date dated in Appendix-C and in the online application for the main recruitment as per the provisions of the Resolution dated 17/06/17 of the Department of Social and Justice Empowerment.  Candidates who have passed Std-10 Std-12 undergraduate / postgraduate level as a computer subject should submit that marshit, otherwise as per the resolution of the General Administration Department dated 12/06 2009, the certificate of the date mentioned in the online application for the main recruitment has to be submitted.  Available at 10. 10, 11 in TAT Exam, Academic Graduation (All Year / Semester Marks) 

12. Academic Graduation Degree Certificate 

13. Academic Graduation Trial Certificate 14.  Certificate of the concerned college / university (for those candidates whose marshit only shows cGPA / CPI / GRAD) 

15. Academic Post Graduate (All year / semester marks)

10. Academic Postgraduate Degree Certificate 17, Academic Postgraduate Trial Certificate 18. Certificate of the respective college university in terms of total marks obtained (for candidates whose marsheet shows only cGPA / CPI / GRAD) 

19, Professional Graduate (all year / semester marks)  20. Professional Bachelor's Degree Certificate 21, Professional Bachelor's Trial Certificate 

આટલા આધાર પુરાવા જોઈશે ડાઉનલોડ કરો આખું લિસ્ટ PDF

22. Certificate of the concerned college university on the basis of total marks obtained (for candidates whose marshit only shows cGPA / CPI / C RAD)  Certificate of Validity of NCTE / RCI 24, Professional Postgraduate (All Year / Semester Certificate) (if applicable) 

25. Vocational Postgraduate Certificate (if applicable) 26, Vocational Postgraduate Trial Certificate (if applicable)  So) 27. Certificate of the concerned college university according to the marks obtained in total (for those candidates whose marsheet shows only cGPANCPGRAD only) (if applicable) 28  Certificate of NCTE / RCI accreditation (if applicable) from the college from which the professional postgraduate qualification has been obtained (if applicable)  Will remain.  30. Candidates who have obtained qualification from the college located in the state of Gujarat and formerly affiliated with SNDT after the year 2014 will have to submit the basis on which the college has obtained affiliation with any university of Gujarat.  Located in the state of Gujarat and formerly affiliated with SNDT  Candidates who have qualified from the college after the year 2014 will have to submit the basis of the college's affiliation with any university in Gujarat.  31. Out of the above qualifications, the following qualifications have to be submitted on the basis of the qualifications obtained from the University outside the State.  Xerox copy of Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (Migration City) or duplicate copy if you have graduated in another state.  Is.  Xerox copy or duplicate copy of the transfer certificate of the last graduate study from the university if post graduate in another state.  .  Have a bonafide certificate from another state college or university.  Proof of where you are staying during the study, receipt of payment of hostel fee if you are staying in hostel  Is.  Hall ticket for the place where the examination is given.  1 Copy of affiliation or accreditation obtained from the studied college university.  6. Respect.  Graduate / post graduate qualification from the university is obtained from the regular course (regular course).  Certificate of University Registrar in that regard, h.  If there is any evidence other than the above, it is 32. Non-CriminalI.W.S.  / Widow Certificate as well as all other ancillary supporting proofs as per the relevant resolutions of the Government and the provisions of the norms.  Detailed instructions regarding the document verification process will now be posted on the website later.  So all the candidates have to visit the website regularly.

આટલા આધાર પુરાવા જોઈશે ડાઉનલોડ કરો આખું લિસ્ટ PDF

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Wednesday 24 February 2021

The first examination of standard: 9 to 12 in the academic year 2020-21.

The first examination of standard: 9 to 12 in the academic year 2020-21.

  From 19/3/2021 to 27/3/2021 and standard: 9th and 11th annual examination from 07/06/2021.  

Today's latest circular regarding taking till 15/6/2021 ...

Will prepare long-term and short-term objective plans.  One of the important goals is to increase the participation of the most backward sections of the society in education.  A look at our various social service organizations as well as Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, Christian communities over the years with positively important objectives in the social, educational and cultural spheres.  Was, in it lifelong learning four.  Was divided into sections.  (1) Learning to learn (2) Learning to cultivate the ability to work (3) This is not a small challenge for everyone.  Learning to learn to live in a community (4) Learning for life by acknowledging the existence of oneself and others.  According to Swami Vivekananda, “Education is the instruction that contributes.  Extensive and quality and not a storehouse of information that can be disturbed by tearing apart the area of ​​education in the mind of the student.  We need the co-operation of these institutions to take us far and have the character to accept that life can be built, humanity can be created, positive thoughts can be taken as part of the government system.  If the suggestion to make rules for the meaning of education is just information of education policy, then libraries are very knowledgeable and belong to the creators.  The result-oriented implementation of this pedagogy can be called the greatest sage of the encyclopedia.  "It requires the sincere contribution of every Indian.  Therefore, the above two examples were necessary before discussing the objectives of the National Education Policy 2020 for the collaboration of small and large organizations.  In the interest of, such cooperation is the 11 scholars who formulated a just, sensitive education policy.  That.  And is expected to provide leadership with the national interest.  The success of this education policy is its Kasturirangan its chairman.  In the draft of this education policy, the preamble is of 23 pages which is very important - it depends on the quality of implementation.  Here is a Gujarati summary of India's important directives.  During the implementation of the constitution, Dr.  Babasaheb Ambedkar said.  This is a good constitution but for the implementation of this education policy, the state and national people, if they have a bad policy, need to make some changes at a bad but proven level.  Which will be conceptual. 
 Making and implementing plans with seriousness.  Considering the lifestyle of the people of India, it is the youth of half the population of the country today.  Acknowledging the reality of the land in their area, its implementation will have an extraordinary impact on life, if it will be result-oriented.  So you have to be very careful in its implementation.  It is also important that different states do not forget the situation of their region, the more opportunities the youth get, the more resources available to the country, the more human resources, the current state of the education system and the objectives of its national education policy.  This education policy has been designed keeping in mind the shortcomings, education should not only enrich you physically.  It is inevitable that you will awaken the spirit for mankind and its upliftment.  January, 2021 

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Government Secondary Recruitment- School Allocation List of Qualified Waiting List Candidates Announced

TAT-Education Assistant Recruitment Update 

 Government Secondary Recruitment- School Allocation List of Qualified Waiting List Candidates Announced.

Maraswat Adhinath Shishak Bhai Ani, Meen Sadar Vandan, ‘Madhyamik Shikshatra aur Parikshan’ is the publication of Om Trik Mamayik for 42 years.  We are delighted to announce the study, reading and observation of this magazine's January-2021 issue, "Ai, wake up and wait until you get the desired live.  ”(Vami Vivekananda) and‘ My life is my message (Gandhiji) - these two great personalities will be celebrated in this month, respectively, on 12th January, National Youth Day) and on  On January (Guinness Day), various programs have paid tribute to Shreeji. You have become aware of the life and work of these men by following the artificial ideas of these men, honoring Chavaj, Chachar and the national anthem, remembering the heroic deeds of the freedom fighters.  Happens.  It is very important to inculcate values ​​like patriotism, goodwill, compassion, hard work, humanity in the children during the teaching work in the schools.  The spiritual and moral development of children can be achieved only through the inculcation of values ​​and the cultivation of genes, which has been selected in the current national policy.  In the awkward and challenging situation of Kaunani Mummy, real class work could not be done in the schools of the state.  

School Allocation List of Qualified 

Now, from January 11, the school has started the work of biological work in Std. 10 and 12.  We are parents, guardians, teachers, meaning, kaink or later.  Employee Eid resigns his responsibility.  For the well-being of the children and for the upliftment and self-interest of the nation, Mathasubanta will be a mentor in the educational work of the students.  According to the government's SOP and guideline, we will fulfill the responsibility of the child and his / her duty.  Adolescence is a continuous process and oxygen.  In which the student is a drug addict and the teacher is an ascetic.  The teacher's job is not only to complete the course in the classroom, to take the parish and evaluate, but also to develop the children mentally and intellectually using study and co-curricular activities, academic husbands, techniques and world tactics.  Teachers are the foundation of a good society and a noble citizen.  Only if he gives my teaching ability in him, his respect and pride will be maintained in the society.  For special conservation money, 


symbolic paintings, perennial related activities, photographers and up-to-date articles on various topics featured in Echo, on occasional details, circulars, triangular programs of Byseg, Mahasara, featured on the cover (titles) 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this magazine.  Question papers etc. are increasing the popularity of this mouthpiece or magazine.  Happy New Year to all the writer friends and well-wishers who are helping in the publication of the magazine by sending regular and timely articles and overprices on 20-01-2021

Government Secondary Recruitment- School Allocation List of Qualified Waiting List Candidates Announced 

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