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Wednesday 24 February 2021

Government Secondary Recruitment- School Allocation List of Qualified Waiting List Candidates Announced

TAT-Education Assistant Recruitment Update 

 Government Secondary Recruitment- School Allocation List of Qualified Waiting List Candidates Announced.

Maraswat Adhinath Shishak Bhai Ani, Meen Sadar Vandan, ‘Madhyamik Shikshatra aur Parikshan’ is the publication of Om Trik Mamayik for 42 years.  We are delighted to announce the study, reading and observation of this magazine's January-2021 issue, "Ai, wake up and wait until you get the desired live.  ”(Vami Vivekananda) and‘ My life is my message (Gandhiji) - these two great personalities will be celebrated in this month, respectively, on 12th January, National Youth Day) and on  On January (Guinness Day), various programs have paid tribute to Shreeji. You have become aware of the life and work of these men by following the artificial ideas of these men, honoring Chavaj, Chachar and the national anthem, remembering the heroic deeds of the freedom fighters.  Happens.  It is very important to inculcate values ​​like patriotism, goodwill, compassion, hard work, humanity in the children during the teaching work in the schools.  The spiritual and moral development of children can be achieved only through the inculcation of values ​​and the cultivation of genes, which has been selected in the current national policy.  In the awkward and challenging situation of Kaunani Mummy, real class work could not be done in the schools of the state.  

School Allocation List of Qualified 

Now, from January 11, the school has started the work of biological work in Std. 10 and 12.  We are parents, guardians, teachers, meaning, kaink or later.  Employee Eid resigns his responsibility.  For the well-being of the children and for the upliftment and self-interest of the nation, Mathasubanta will be a mentor in the educational work of the students.  According to the government's SOP and guideline, we will fulfill the responsibility of the child and his / her duty.  Adolescence is a continuous process and oxygen.  In which the student is a drug addict and the teacher is an ascetic.  The teacher's job is not only to complete the course in the classroom, to take the parish and evaluate, but also to develop the children mentally and intellectually using study and co-curricular activities, academic husbands, techniques and world tactics.  Teachers are the foundation of a good society and a noble citizen.  Only if he gives my teaching ability in him, his respect and pride will be maintained in the society.  For special conservation money, 


symbolic paintings, perennial related activities, photographers and up-to-date articles on various topics featured in Echo, on occasional details, circulars, triangular programs of Byseg, Mahasara, featured on the cover (titles) 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this magazine.  Question papers etc. are increasing the popularity of this mouthpiece or magazine.  Happy New Year to all the writer friends and well-wishers who are helping in the publication of the magazine by sending regular and timely articles and overprices on 20-01-2021

Government Secondary Recruitment- School Allocation List of Qualified Waiting List Candidates Announced 

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