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Monday 15 March 2021

DD GIRNAR TIME TABLE 16 March thi 31 March sudhinu


All students use full and also use full to Gujarat teacher and all perent good to use this information in dd Girnar Time Table of Home learning conspet in Gujarat  

In the words of the President ... Sura Saraswatwara friends, greetings to all, Ta 1), 210.? | From 111 to 21 May, 2021 during Std-10 (SSC) and Std -12 Match SC,) «{| The Niri examination by the board is about to begin. Whether the exam is for school or for the board but it is a part of Javanese, in which systematic hard work and 'intelligent time planning is very necessary to get greatness. 


Understand the importance of one minute, one hour and keep preparing for the exam. Education is an ongoing process. The center of learning is from Vigha and the student's Manvit is based on Vic. It is essential that the teacher constantly encourages the student, guides him / her from heart to ear, motivates him / her towards his / her goal or instinct, instills in him / her moral values, positive thinking, instills the art of living. 

STD 1and 2 PDF 

Itt is through this process that a truly educated and affluent society and excellent citizens are formed. The second contribution of the student's parents in raising the quality of education is for the overall development of the child or for the success of the child. 

Ass the eyes follow Minchin Bara Kana Tek Kerek and his body) - Why think deeply for mental, intellectual, social, cultural and moral development "|| Registration and teacher registration work. Also Std. 10 and Std. 12 - Exam application. The process of filling up the form online is done in a timely and timely manner. The school, the best support of the family, from Saka 4. Every school function is beautiful. 

Whether it is a school or a board, but its atmosphere should be stress free and stress free. Parents and school family are requested to see that Swasya prepares me for the exams. Our magazine has been striving for years to give voice to the educational trends. It also covers various issues related to education and current issues through various articles. 

Pleasee send your educational ideas and opinions in a timely manner. We will give it the right place. This is what Kane has dubbed as 'School Education Special', which contains a summary of chapters on ten-year school education in the National Education Policy-2020. Is inserted. All principals and teachers are requested to study this. Every year on 21st February, the world celebrates Mother Language Day. Dr. a . P. J. Abdul Kalam said that on the day when we teach all fields including medical and engineering in our mother tongue, we will be able to do scientific work like some developed countries of the world. 

Inn those countries, courses in all subjects up to higher education are taught in their mother tongue. So that the students there assimilated it more deeply, giving birth to a tremendous exploratory instinct, j. Waiting chairman dl. Fox 2021

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