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Sunday 14 March 2021

Granted Higher Secondary Recruitment 2021 How many candidates were present and how many were absent in Document Verification

 Granted Higher Secondary Recruitment 2021 

How many candidates were present and how many were absent in Document Verification all district in Gujarat 

 Higher Secondary Granted 
 Total number of candidates included in DV list - 12131 
 Total Candidates present - 10085 
 Number of non-thousand candidates - 2046 
 Verified Candidate - 9063 
 Number of query forms - 1022 
 Number of absent candidates by subject_ 
 1 Commerce - 346
 2 Biology - 40
 3 Chemistry - 125
 4 Economic - 196
 5 English - 560
 6 Geography - 06
 7 Gujarati - 140
 8 Hindi - 41
 9 History - 41
 10 Mathematics - 40
 11 Physics - 61
 12 Psychology - 79
 13 Sanskrit - 99
 14 Social Science - 250
 15 Computers - 13
 16 Krishi Vidya - 02
 17 Philosophy-05
 18 Statistics - 05 
 played a former role in the people of India and fought for the freedom of the Hindus in a foreign country.  Jeevanzarmar: Subhash Chandra Bose was born on January 23, 1897 in the family of Janakinath, a government lawyer. 
 Subhay was brilliant and intelligent from his childhood, passed examinations in Cuttack School, Presidency College, Calcutta, etc. with very good marks, went to England for further studies and from there passed the ICS examination which was considered to be very important and returned to Calcutta. 

 Paris Day c.  From the bitter experiences of the arrogance of the English professors of the college, the seeds of their v, e kani were sown.  Is.  The independence of India from 1921 onwards led to Jo Dia in the village, Jo Dia in the Swarajya Path in 1923, and in 1938 the presidency of the Haripura Congress Convention.  Gandhiji began to disagree on policy.  He was re-elected as President and Gandhiji's representative Dr.  Pattabhi lost to Sitaramaiah, Mahatmaji became enraged and resigned from the presidency before Mandukh escalated, split from the Congress, and formed a new 'Forward Bloc' party.  He was well supported by Dasbabu.  He remained abroad till his death in 1941 and fought against the British for the independence of our country. 

 He left for Peshawar.  The mother-in-law, Shorya, and Nirdharin ended their marriage to Italy. They reached Italy. Hitler was in Germany. Hitler allowed them to airlift the countrymen from there.  Mom went ahead.  Mr. Rashbehari Bose living in Japan retires freely.  

Handed over the helm of Hind Foj to Subhash Babu.  Meet the rulers of Japan, recruit in the army of Hindi soldiers captured as prisoners of war.  Making Singapore its headquarters, Khasam successfully marched to Imphal, Kohima and soured the teeth of the British army. 

  1.  The Women's Liberation Army under the leadership of Captain 8m also performed well.  The slogans of "Valley Delhi" and "Jai Hind" given by him on this cell phone were echoed all over the country.  Lo Ko called him 'Netaji', Anjali. On August 19, 1945, when Japan was engaged in surrender negotiations, Subhash Babu was on a flight from Saigon when his plane crashed near Taihoku on Fomesa Island and he was martyred that night.  Varya, it is believed.  "Netaji was so dear to us that he passed away, that is still not true today," he was quoted as saying.  As long as the slogan 'Jai Hind' continues to resound, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose will remain immortal.  "Provision: World War II broke out and Subhash Babu launched a campaign to hand over power to the British government, so the government arrested him and sent him to jail, but his health deteriorated and he was kept under house arrest.  They escaped from captivity and stayed in Thangani to liberate the motherland.  He disguised as Pathan and died on January 15, 1941 (thanks from the book 'Personal Introduction') 


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