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Wednesday 30 June 2021

Waiting list of Granted Higher Secondary Schools announced 2021&SGRCandidateSchoolAllocation list

 SGRCandidateSchoolAllocation list

The decision will be a flyover connecting Abrama-Walk on the Tapi river in Surat. The government is working with foresight for the development of houses.  Keeping in view the needs that may arise in the future, development work has been started by preparing an outline of development at present. Recently, Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has sanctioned Rs.  .  The construction of this seed will provide an important link connecting the east and north of the Und area of ​​Surat Municipal Corporation.  Due to this bridge, there is Outer Ring Road from Mumbai and Maya Road to Sanl, the key of which is 7.5 [4 min.  In the rapid development of the area from the National Highway i.e. Palsana, the longest road of the fisherman will prove to be the entry of Navata Vaz in Surat city as a ‘green field project’.  Without increasing the traffic load in the city without being prepared, it is necessary to point out that at present 18, 42 km.  In length and without વ Variyav - Sayan - Gothan area developed as Casmart City '' Recolo meter wide can go to Bauter Runnery.  Accordingly, the work of persuading them to enter and exit Surat is in progress.  Area Descriptions Traffic on the main roads for Mumbai Outer Outer Ring Road Surat Municipal Corporation Ring Road will be able to cross the Tapi River directly to Valak in a total area of ​​4.5 to reduce the load using this seed.  Surat km from seed production.  Makes the length 50 meters.  There on the Tapi River.  Plans are afoot to build a "bout ring road" to the east in the Thak area and the municipal boundary area, to build a bridge connecting Namabama and the area to the north. 

 This river bridge will provide 2.3 important connectivity and the ring road adjacent to this ring road Surat Raher and the carriageway connecting the state highway and the national highway with a traffic load of 216.0 m in the city area will cost a total of Rs.  .  12.51 will be less.  Not only that, this is the river seed, the road.  Out of which 3 km.
The length of the road should not be spinal.  All the three things to be done in the state under the Food and Civil Supplies Department are to improve the public name or address. In the distribution system, the process for issuing ration card to the citizens will be done on the same day as the prescribed form.  Conclusion, Due to the division of the ration card holder's family, a fixed time limit for such services has been fixed for obtaining a separate ration card and the ration card - the guardian of the holder has been appointed, accordingly  It will be done, not only the disposal of the three of them, but also the registration of names in the ration card, naming, will be done in a day, the ration card will be available very quickly and easily Gujarat September 1, 2020

binsarkaari granted Bharti nu 

Waiting list of Granted Higher Secondary Schools announced. 

Debt test 5. What you need to do immediately on the bridge ...! "Measure the instruction that he does and sit on the stove or table." No. 6. Vigharth (If no one wants to play Mantakshari, be allowed to play, sit on one side or stand and wait! No time will pass. 7. Do not take students to the playground and announce what they want to do. 8. Students in the class only talk. The list can go on and on. The way Procy is currently operating is an indicator of negativity. A teacher who hates it is frustrated and frustrated. The teacher is thrown away from the choice of the students. "I have come to say nothing, I have not come to grieve, I have not come to follow this life like others; Daya Sagar! Now you include Muj in Tara, I have come here to drown; I have not come to swim. Nazir saw Dekhaiya's light and student femme. I, naturally, asked Kann. Student' I had com's experience in ordering the answer. Told to come Putting the car out of the car, he came inside. Asked to state the reason for his meeting. Speaking of one of them, sir, we have one thing to say, let's talk about him? I nodded and said yes. A student Mallyo said, 'This' sir is a math teacher, why really sir? * I asked curiously, "Don't they teach math properly? Do you have a complaint? One of the students said boldly, "The master of mathematics came today to take a prali in geography class. 

Theyy taught geography even better than Gashit. Our geography teachers don't teach well. How good is it if ‘A’ Saheb teaches us Maths as well as Geography, Saheb? Please do so. "(True incident) I did not respond immediately. Saying goodbye to the students as I would say later, I learned at a very young age how important a prom can be to a teacher. Proxy hours are not an extra burden but a stepping stone to becoming a ‘student favorite teacher’. How to make a proxy clock creative? 1, If ​​you know that wax work is sometimes to be done in the profession of teacher, then it should be prepared in advance. In addition, poly rock is to be mowed, it is std. 1 to 10 (sometimes in Std. 12,, whatever the subject and subject matter. The preparation for it must be eaten from the time you enter the business, the teacher who welcomes Proxy's hour develops a very positive attitude.

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ફાસ્ટ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો ગ્રાન્ટેડ ઉચ્ચત્તર નું કોલીફાય વેઇટિગ લીસ્ટ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

 The teacher receives unique tea from the students. I would like to stop the experience of being the principal of the school. One day seven students were standing outside the office to meet me after school. Students and two students stopped to meet me. Going home out of the office If you don't have confidence, you will always fail in life, but if you have confidence, you will succeed before you start work.

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