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Wednesday 30 June 2021

Direct YouTube link of all standard videos of Gyan Setu on 1/7/21 Useful learning material for all standard students

 Direct YouTube link of all standard videos of Gyan Setu on 1/7/21 Useful learning material for all standard students 

Let's start the education work with a new determination Vipul D.  Patel The global epidemic has caused chaos.  The state government and the education department are doing a lot of work during the short time khafline last year because of the corona in Corona.  For the last child c.  Education happened to work.  Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i'll tell ya.  We don’t like committed school teachers who understand our moral duty.  

The noise of the student, let's make the class teaching work effective from the new semester, Avan-Javan is the lifeblood of the school.  Create, through WhatsApp or any other medium, teaching students is an ongoing process.  Keep in touch with students and students, students are our teachers never have a vacation, the teacher is the mirror of his class, to make it effective, to bring more curiosity in his subject to the best educational land with the help of technology - read, write as well as sow educational seeds  Able to make a banyan tree.  Let's reshape India's future.  A teacher who is constantly reading as well as writing is a mentor, friend and philosopher of the children.  If he is and teaches well with interest, his class will be heavenly.  We will take a cognitive, competitive, advanced academic commitment to get students to get out of the textbook journey with a determined plan to do the best teaching work in the subject I teach.  Teaching techniques, bibliographies, charts, patterns must be at hand.  

The teacher's point of view should be positive as well as inspiring, the formal teaching work should be done through pictures, maps etc.  It is very important for us that the student sitting on the last bench who is eager to fill your class.  As the true sculptor of the students we have to do the proper crafted academic work. 

 For this, teacher friends have to do frequent reading of textbooks, reference books.  Gijubhai Badheka was saying that the teacher should like the stories of 365 days.  If you prepare an informative file using the technology tailored to the occasion and do the teaching work in the class, the students will enjoy teaching to put inspiring words or ideas in front of the students.  Is required.  In order to make the class effective, we have to do academic work through micro-planning.  Students can do a beautiful teaching job of a teacher. 

ધોરણ 8 નો આજનો વિડિઓ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

Classroom learning cannot be effective without preparation when it comes to frequent assessments.  Without reading, we all have the government's s.o.P.  Cannot be an effective teaching function.  According to the most guideline in the society, with systematic planning, one has to show readiness to do what the intelligent, enlightened teacher will stop reading.  Will Pujya Morari be considered worthy of Bapu?  In words, yoga is the science of activating the inner energy of the human body, with teacher extracts, logic and constant contact.  '- Sadguru Vasudev May 21, 2021

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