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Thursday 1 July 2021

Direct YouTube link of all standard videos of Gyan Setu on 2/7/21 Useful learning material for all standard students

 Direct YouTube link of all standard videos of Gyan Setu on 2/7/21 Useful learning material for all standard students 

Educational Values ​​in Education DIET Dr.  Sangeeta Patel 11 The main objective of the teacher is to make a human being a citizen with a balanced personality.  A country that can take the world on a path of prosperity.  Value education is an integral part of education for the development of such personality.

  The basic purpose of education is to achieve sustainable development.  Implicit development is conceptualized from a qualitative point of view, for which the four roles of relationships are extremely important.  Person's relationship with self 2 Person's relationship with person Person's relationship with society 4.  The relationship of a person to the whole of nature can include many things under these four roles.  It is essential that a person be able to build a moral relationship with himself. 

 If there is cooperation, love, humanity, kindness, etc. in a person-person relationship, a kind of harmony arises.  Matters such as orientation, public service, social welfare of the individual in relation to the society and maintenance of the environment in balance with the nature of the individual, use of frugal nature, reduction of pollution etc. are included.  Falls .  The objectives of education are (1) to consider a particular thing - (2) to respond appropriately (3) to respond or to admit (4) to respond self-consciously (5) to assume value (6) to adjust or reinforce values ​​in a given situation (7)  ) To eliminate certain values ​​or values.  Home, society, religion etc. have made important contribution in this activity for years and at the same time school is a service organization for the society. 

 In school.  The experiences that the child gets, the things that are asked to pay attention to.  All this creates a sense of value in the students.  Values ​​can be better reinforced if the school places values ​​as part of education.  Meaning of Value The meaning of the word value in Bhagavad Gita (2007) is as follows.  ‘What could be more conducive to the value of reputation than the field of education ...’ Chotliy L (1993) writes.  Education is a wirely regard as a moral enterprise.  Is the concept.

  That is, the idea or concept of having something important in life indicates that when a person values ​​something, it is worth doing something or trying to get something.  "Students should have basic values ​​like regularity, discipline, self-discipline, scientific point of view, self-confidence, thought, patience, friendship.  Every element of nature has the quality of regularity and that is why the existence of the earth is sustainable.  Regularity is essential in a person's life, to achieve physical, mental and spiritual success by making the daily routine in the person regular.  Happens.  Why study is conducted in school. 

 It also includes social, cultural, political as well as personal responsibilities.  Such activities have been useful for the manifestation of virtues in the study of values ​​as well as in the development of a life of co-curricular activities.  May, 2021 24

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