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Tuesday 22 June 2021

Higher Secondary GIA Candidate Waiting List Updated 2021

 Higher Secondary GIA Candidate Waiting List 

Letest news,all information about tat GiaBharti 2021,GIA HS Qualified waiting 2021 

Testing can teach the Gita. Kill the terrible monsters. Govardhan can lift the mountain. He also plays the flute and grazes the cows. When everything is going against us, remember that even airplanes fly against the air, not with it. Start ... where you are Use ... What you have Do ... What you can. The government is making every effort on a war footing to eradicate the Corona virus. We understand our role in maintaining, improving and developing the system rather than disrupting it. The central or state government is taking the best decisions according to the circumstances to save the lives of the citizens. Everyone should ask their conscience a question What did I do to prevent the transition to corona? I am happy to say that the teachers of Gujarat have become 'Corona Warriors' and have cooperated with the government in this fight with their body, mind and money. Tough - It is very important to maintain faith and patience in difficult circumstances, when we make a decision, the universe also starts conspiring to fulfill it. Cultivating an approach is very rewarding. Everything God does is for our good. Because we are all children of God. Any father always does good to his children, never harms them. That's a beautiful thing. A rich man built a boat to sail alone. On the day of the holiday, he set sail in his boat. Reached the Mediterranean. There was a storm at sea. The boat started to sink . The boat seemed unlikely to survive. Then he put on a life jacket and fell into the sea. The boat sank. The storm also calmed down. Floating Floating reached the man on an island . There was no one on the island. Nothing was visible except the sea roaring around the island. The man thought that I had never done anything wrong to anyone in my life, so why did this happen to me? His conscience answered, "The only God who has saved him from the stormy sea is the one who will find a way out." The days went by. The man spent his days eating leaves and trees growing on the island.

 Within a few days, his condition worsened. Gradually, his faith began to wane. He also began to question the existence of God. There is nothing like God, otherwise my condition will not happen. He did not know how many days he would spend on the island. It occurred to me to build a small hut. He built the hut with the help of tree branches and leaves. It just so happened that tonight I would sleep in this hut. I will not be sleeping in the open . As night fell, the atmosphere changed. Suddenly there were lightning strikes, huts in the hut before going to sleep, lightning struck and the whole hut started burning. Seeing the burning hut it collapsed. Manoman started arguing with God, you are not God, you are a demon, you have nothing like mercy, you are very cruel, the man was sitting there crying with his hands on his head in frustration. Suddenly a boat came ashore. Two men got out of the boat and came to him and said, “We have come to rescue you. Seeing your burning hut, it occurred to us that someone was trapped on this barren island. If you hadn't set fire to the hut, we wouldn't have known anyone was here! Tears welled up in the man's eyes. I apologized to God and said that I knew that he had set fire to my hut to save me. 

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When something bad happens, a man becomes helpless. Helen Keller has a great thing to say. Your confidence is more useful than any other tool to achieve the success of happiness at the same time when God closes a door of happiness. - Abraham Lincoln May, 2021.

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