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Tuesday 22 June 2021

GUJCET Exam for Std 12 Science students Date of filling the form for GUJCET exam announced ...

 GUJCET Exam Breaking: Big news for Std.12 Science students

 Date of filling the form for GUJCET exam announced ...

2, Corona epidemic fills the whole world. Has taken over. Every problem has a solution and a solution. No problem or epidemic is permanent, only when big storms come, the tree bends down, survives, and the tree that survives collapses. The challenge is the invitation to change. Challenge becomes benevolent only when it is accepted and resisted. The challenge is to nod. Challenge also has to be welcomed, it is not removed by hating or despising it, the challenge has to be challenged even if it screams. Challenge also often works wonders. The revelation of the challenge is the triumph of life. 

Press Note GUJCET2021.pdf

We have to fight a battle more than once to win in. Any country becomes great from the people. During World War II, Germany bombed and sank sugar ships coming to Britain. There was a severe shortage of sugar in Britain. People stood in long lines at the ration shop for hundreds of grams of sugar. The then Prime Minister Churchill appealed to the people to “get in the measure of sugar. Buy enough sugar as needed. Don't save, otherwise the poor will be left without sugar. Churchill, who was leaving for Parliament the next day, saw happy-looking people standing in long lines at shops. He was saddened that even after the announcement that everyone would get sugar, people did not have patience, he sent the secretary to investigate. After a while he came back and said: "Sir, I have come not to take sugar from the line but to give back to those who had more sugar so that those who do not have it can get it." "Who beat the country where there are such people," said Chachil

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