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Monday 28 June 2021

General Stream 2021 online guide for filling marks

 General Stream 2021 online guide for filling marks 

How to filling marks std 12 general stream 

The principals of all the secondary schools in the state registered at Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Gandhinagar are informed that the marks as per the prescribed structure of the regular students of Std. It has to be filled online by the school on 9/09/2071 from 11:00 in the morning to 05:00 on 20/09/2071 in the evening. All its relatives are asked to take note and fill the marks online within the time limit. Note: -Regular students' marks should be filled based on their name and application number. You can login using your school's index number and registered mobile number or Email ID to fill up the marks online. 


Shastra, Value and Education Pareshbhai V. Patel India (the system of the moment is the world's oldest and most basic education system. The seeds of education are sown from the Sanatan Shastras of India. The Khapana Shastras are our invaluable asset. Destroys and realizes seemingly indirect doctrines. The scriptures are human today, so those who do not know the scriptures are really blind. These scriptures have become the foundation of education. In the beginning, these scriptures were taught. "Education is the teaching of the scriptures" because these scriptures include ethics, weaponry, weaponry, grammar, conduct, purity of thought and behavior, politics, theology. , Morality, spirituality etc. were taught.Literacy rate in India today is satisfactory.But our social, cultural and moral life Vastha has created an atmosphere of unrest in the country. One writer's show is worth quoting, "We have the morale but not the sympathy, we have the research but we have opened up to God, we have a husband but no direction, but we lack the sanctity of the medium." Maan has been the victim of this chaos without the country as a whole, for the development of the country after independence and. The plans were implemented and through them the country's refusal was developed but the invitation for education for the education of the masses and the formation of the natural character of the people did not change. We need to be reminded of the old adage, “Student is not really bad. "Every human value is declining today, many serious and complex, social as well as economic problems like unrest, crime, corruption, violent communalism in the society are facing us. If there is a cure for all these serious and serious problems, it is one.


 The value of education can only be solved through value education. Indian culture has its own distinct identity. The culture of any nation is built on the foundation of society. The culture of a nation is the beliefs, traditions, A combination of customs, values ​​and values. All of this builds society and shapes the identity of the nation. Education is a value-based process.

Official paripatr gseb

 To keep and preserve the truth and culture of the nation, knowledge is obtained through meditation. '- Lord Buddha May 14, 2021

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