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Thursday 17 June 2021

Gujarat Board 12 Standard Evaluation

Gujarat Board

 12 Standard Evaluation 

How to create the result of standard 12 mass promotion

Contingent: Personal Introduction Coordination Emblemed Bottana Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Born in Mahu in Madhya Pradesh We know Babasaheb Ambedkar as the format maker. This grave place he received from self-views. He spent the whole life study, contemplation and conflict. Come, know about the great front of the Constitution. Babasaheb Ambedkar was born on April 14, 1891. Father's name was the name of Ramjra, and mother. This wigmer gave birth to Ambedkar as 14th sons. The name was born and called him by saying Bhimrao. Since the mission caste was born, the victim of contamination of untouchability was to be done. Bhambai was simply five in fourteen children. Balram, Grajan, Manjurla, Tulsi and Small Bhumra, Balram were married. He lives away from the father. Two daughters were married, and the Sasher ran. Living only five children in the house. Bhim was the youngest. It was some of the lame of all of them in the basis of Very Race, Power, Body, Broadly, Holded Eyes, Black Bhumar Cache and Native Nature. 

અખબારી યાદી 17-06-2021.pdf
The father was aid that on one day Bhim Nerur will make his name rosy. So specially painted to bhim. Bhambai was a statue of compassion, it is said that one of the Gishisan Kundari was told that this child will be great and its intimidation in the country. In the school, Ramjacho's big son was the giant. Ramgaisha, also thought of getting marrow in the same school. Reluctantly fell to Bhimnee's father's command. Bhambai's health was fragile, he liked his son but his son has to go to school, listening to his illness. Till the kink in a plate and turned to the head in the forehead. Small Bhimrao Chimrew school in hand and recorded. Guruji carried Sril. Greeted in the leg. The name in the register was registered. 

ધોરણ 12 પરિણામ બનાવવા માટે જૂથ પસંદગી સમજણ

The school environment was very loved, but was not interested in learning Bhimuna. Running from school, escape to play a punctuation corner. During this period, the mother of Bhimbai illness started to grow. The effects of medicine occurred. Ultimately, Putting only five-year-old Bhumuna in 1896, the mother was fared from the worldly worldly. Due to the death of Bhambai, Father has been responsible for Ramjra. Ramjra, was worried about children and home, as well as to do the job. Eventually, Ramgain has rejuvenated with a widowed woman named Jar.


 The nature of Djabbhai was jig. As a result, the house and inferior to the forest. Bhumra is also like a crap of crisp, so often with fights. If you look at the worwwing experiences in Bhimonne in school, during the study, due to untouchability, Bhimoanne had to suffer many bitter experiences. 115 years ago in Indian Hindu society, Bhumano's education should be powerful and useful ideas from campaite to Satara, and assuming your mind. - Swami Vivekananda 41 April, 2021)

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