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Monday 21 June 2021

STD 1 LIVE CLASS TIME DAILY :4:30 PM TO 5:00 p.m. Gujarat Home Learning

 STD 1 LIVE CLASS TIME DAILY :4:30 PM TO 5:00 PM Gujarat Home Learning Video Day t

Dear Principal Friends, Teacher Brothers and Sisters, Greetings to all, ‘Secondary Education and Testing’ ... I am happy to present the May 2021 issue of the Educational Magazine to all the readers in the sense of study and observation. As the year 2021-22 i.e. June, 2021 is changing the year of this magazine, the schools of the state and all those who want to become individual subscribers are requested to pay their fixed subscription on time. Accurately give your full address along with the pincode number so that you can get each issue on time. I would like to express my gratitude to all the readers and writers for their warmth, inspiration and encouragement to make this magazine more and more powerful, quality and have a wide readership every year. May 1, 1960, the founding day of the state of Gujarat ... Gujarat's contribution to the development of the nation and to a leading, exemplary and progressive place in the world has been unprecedented for the last 60 years. Behind the proud development of Gujarat is the lion's share of many Gujarat-loving heroic grandsons. Well known creator-writer Kaka Kalelkar's statement on education years ago is very persuasive and ironic. Education says: "I am the lord of the human heart, intellect and all the senses. Sociology and psychology are my two legs, art and craft are my hands, science is my brain, religion is my heart, zeal and industry are my lungs, patience is my vow, faith is my capital. "True education is a lifelong, dynamic, motivating and ongoing process of" human empowerment "and" inner enlightenment. " Through which the child can develop physically, mentally, intellectually and emotionally. In the current situation of⁰ Corona virus, when the actual teaching work is stopped, strictly adhering to the Covid-19 guideline, teachers and parents are requested to take care of their young son / daughter by staying at home while maintaining your health. Kindly request parents to provide more warmth, love, inspiration, encouragement and necessary guidance to the children. Continue your ‘study’ by using all your strength without fear of exams or corona, without suffering any fear, burden or stress, without getting frustrated. 

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Thee way a songwriter, musician, singer or athlete is constantly practicing, keep working hard while maintaining good health. The fruit of the penance of study done with confidence and concentration is always sweet. Maybe if you or somdeone in your household is positive for corona, take regular medication as per the doctor's advice without any fear at all, be careful in your daily routine, maintain social distance and wear a mask properly. Stay healthy at home, spend the day in activity with positive thoughts, fearlessness with the belief that no bad situation or circumstance, epidemic or pandemic lasts forever, it gradually goes away. Aap saunu swathya sundar aum he avi prabhu prarthana,

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