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Saturday 26 June 2021

How to check the result of standard 10 in this time2021

 GSEB SSC Result 2021 - Gujrat Board will be declared GSEB 10th result 2021. May be in upcoming 1st July in state off Gujarat 

How to check the result of standard 10 in this time 2021 

of Language and its use is fundamental in education. It performs an important function like the spinal cord to make sensible adjustments between teacher and student. The use of a child's speech for language learning, which goes up and down with the meaning of the words, as well as the speed, meaning and position of his literacy, is less likely to be difficult to understand. At the same time, education becomes enjoyable for him when he is instilling a sense of belonging to the school, education and teachers, and in this way, after awakening interest in him, gradually turning him towards language learning can give him confidence to move forward sensibly. The way the seedlings are planted in a different soil in the nursery and when sown elsewhere, the plant first adapts to the new soil and during this process the old leaves are gradually removed and replaced by new ones. What is multilingualism?
 Multilingualism in general means the teaching of multiple languages. In many states and big cities of our country, the language of the child's home is different and the language of education is different. In such a situation, multilingualism is an attempt to reconcile the two by making the child's home language the medium of instruction and its connection with the standard language.
 Why the inevitability of multilingualism? Newmark has said something very important in this regard. He says - "We know very well how to learn a language, yet we interfere a lot in the process of learning it. Language can be learned very well when our focus is not on learning the language, in fact in a multilingual society most children learn and experiment with multiple languages ​​at once. Because his focus is not on learning the language but on learning the message hidden in it. 'But we are a little behind in this matter. According to the adage ‘dialect changes in twelve villages’, the words, pronunciation and meaning of the vernacular are different. E.g. Booming in a village means using the vernacular in the vernacular, such as "Hadi K" or "Rohdi Mail" to run, and when the same child comes to school, he is confronted with a different word for the same action. 

રિઝલ્ટ કેમ જોવું તે અંગેની માહિતી. 

The child is confused from the very beginning. This is very likely to happen in almost every Talpada verb. And when there is a big difference between the vernacular of Chintan and the standard Gujarati language, the condition of the child gets worse at an early stage. If the language medium is different then the question is even more confusing. The same conflict is going on today between English and other mediums. Insisted. Its

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