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Sunday 17 October 2021

Most accurate app for time tracking and online last seen

 Most accurate app for time tracking and online last seen

WaStat can:

★ show online last seen time

★ display all time intervals in a handy clock view

★ help you collect and analyze online stats for the last 30 days

★ monitor up to 10 profiles in 

mesesaging app WhatsApp is very popular in India.  

There are millions of users of this app in the country.  On WhatsApp, users share text messages, photos, videos, etc. with friends, family and others.  

But do you know who you chat with the most on this platform?  If not, there are many apps that can give you information about this. 

 According to media reports, the WaStat WhatsApp tracker app helps you manage the time spent on WhatsApp.

  On WaStat, users will be able to see their WhatsApp activity in a clock queue. 

 Here users will be able to analyze the statistics of the last 30 days. 

 According to reports, any contact can be tracked in this app. click here

 A maximum of 10 contacts can be added.  When users click on a contact, chat activity with it can be viewed in a clock view.  Apart from this, another app is WhatsAgent, which is an online tracker and notary, according to the report.  This app also notifies the user when a contact ad person comes online.  The app reportedly tracks the user's contacts 24 × 7.  This app also tracks some special contacts by the user.  So that person will get a notification when he comes online.  The app also comes with some premiere features.  For which the user needs to purchase a subscription.

download what's app Track application Here
★ send you notifications as soon as person is online

★ provide you support in shortest period

Best app to track WhatsApp online status.

Trying to control time you spent on social networks and online messengers? Or maybe you are a caring parent that don't want his children to waste time with no sense? Then maybe you will find WaStat app very useful for your needs. This time tracker can monitor all your activity in WhatsApp Messanger and display in handy clock view. You can also observe last 30 days statistic in charts. WaStat is best assistant for Wasap online last seen.

This app does not abuse WhatsApp privacy policy and terms of usage. It does not hack accounts in any way.

We will provide unlimited updates on more social networks and messangers to our regular clients.

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