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Sunday 17 October 2021

Standard Through Youtube Date:18/10/21 October new Home learning.

 Standard Through Youtube Date:18/10/21 October new Home learning.

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Vikasyatra Adarsh ​​Niwasi Kanya Shala and Kumar Hostels e-Lokarpan by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment for the students of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Castes of the State  11.5 crore newly constructed Adarsh ​​Niwasi Kanya School and five Dr.  Babasaheb Ambedkar Kumar Hostel was recently e-inaugurated by Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani from Gandhinagar. 

 Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani expressed the name of making education to meet the challenges of the world by giving proper opportunities of education to the deprived, oppressed, exploited class children for social inclusion, upliftment and welfare of the last human beings. 

 The Chief Minister clearly stated that this government under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Mada, with its commitment to development, forgetting the differences of high-low, caste-caste, language-province and becoming one, will become the leader of the society with small price. 

 Is realizing.  Dr.  The state government has started state-of-the-art education facilities, hostels, harmonious hostesses to characterize Babasaheb Ambedkar's call to be educated - to become organized and to bring him among the backward class.  Deva vote was expressed by the Chief Minister.  

The Chief Minister also gave the role of work to enable these students to accept the challenge of the world by providing quality education along with maintaining cleanliness in these hostels, ideal residential schools. 

 He said that during the Coronation Summit, students were given packages like scholarships, more assistance in food bills, accommodation at leisure etc. 

 Reiterating his commitment to fight against corona with the cooperation of the people, the Chief Minister said that due to the intensive health measures taken by the state government, the recovery rate has gone up to 40 per cent and the death rate is also declining. 
 It has to be taken further down. 

 The Chief Minister wished the daughters to have a bright career in Gujarat ## Jusai, 2018 by studying in Adarsh ​​Niwasi Kanya School. 

 Shri Ishwarbhai Parmar, Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, thanked the Chief Minister for his sensitive approach to provide assistance to the backward classes, developing castes, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the state, higher education facilities for students, daughters, foreign study aid and pilots.  

Dated: 18/10/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube.

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On this occasion, the Chief Minister visited Adarsh ​​Niwasi Kanya School in Vadodara district, Bakrol in Anand and Jalalpore in Navsari and Dr.  Babasaheb Abedkar Government Kumar Hostels were inaugurated.  Minister of State Shri Vasanbhai Ahir, Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister Shri M.  That. 

 Das, Shri Manoj Agarwal, Principal Secretary, Social Justice Empowerment, Shri Ninam, Director, Developing Caste Welfare, Gandhinagar, as well as MPs, MLAs and students from district headquarters were present at the inauguration through a video conference.  

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