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Friday 15 October 2021

Very important material for students in standard 10 under result improvement program

 Very important material for students in standard 10 under result improvement program 

In this material, question bank of four important subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Science has been created. 

This material has been created with the noble intention that it will help you a lot to improve the result of your school.

This material has been created with the noble intention that it will help you a lot to improve the result of your school.

The development journey is savvy.  CIDC Chairman Shri Balwant Singh Rajput is proud of the positive attitude of the state government under the visionary leadership of the Chief Minister. 

 The Chief Minister said that laws and schemes are for the benefit of the people.  Even in Corona's Kamari, the government has decided to take vigilant action against Corona through monitoring by the Center.

  Death tax has come down to 8%.  After the unleashing, daily activities like trade, industry and business have been booming with the help of citizens.  In July last year, the power consumption of industries was 206 million units, but in July this year, it has remained at 308 million units.  It literally means that the industries - the units - have gone into a frenzy.
  Luck has the opportunity to develop, he said in an occasional address.  He said that allotment of plots in the industrial estates of the state was done in a transparent manner without any lagvag-corruption and even the smallest industrialists could easily get land.  On this occasion, the Chief Minister applauded the progress of Diesel Safety System India for the production of Airbag Inflators. 

 Plot allotment letter was handed over in 1.C.  Mr. Prakash Vermora, President, Federation of Industries Association, Mr. Shankarbhai Patel, Former President, Vatva Association and Mr. K. Shrivatski, an entrepreneur from Ankleshwar, thanked the Chief Minister for the pro-active approach of the State Government.

  The Chief Minister, realizing the call of Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi to turn Akt into an opportunity, expressed confidence that Gujarat would move forward at a faster pace than ever before in the wake of disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and now the Corona epidemic.

  Industries - Trade Business Employment Dr. to reset.  By announcing a package of ૨ 15,000 crore in just five days based on the recommendations of the Hasmukh Etia Committee, this government was to join the commitment to revive Gujarat in the industrial and economic spheres. 

 That.  Das, Manjang Director of Ja IDC Shri Kshetrarasan, Joint M.D.  CM including Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani recently held a reference review meeting of Kora with the officials of Gir Somnath district in Somnath. 

 The citizens of the district were given clear instructions to the officers to be vigilant about maintaining social distance while wearing masks and to enforce it strictly. 

 The District Collector informed the Chief Minister about the current situation of Corona in the district.  Regarding Korana, the Chief Minister asked to take precaution so that there is no waste in Gujarat 11 UE, 2020 health service.  District Collector, Range FIG  , District Development Officer and Chief District Health Officer were present in the review meeting.  During his visit to Somnaya, Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani paid obeisance to the famous Somnath Temple and prayed for speedy liberation of the entire world, including Gujarat. 

 Along with the Chief Minister, Chairman of the Municipal Finance Board Shri Dhansukhbhai Bhanderi, MP Shri Rajeshbhai Chudasama, former Minister Jashabhai Barad, Nitinbhai Bhardwaj and other leaders also participated in the Darshan.  a

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You can print out or hard copy this material to your school children and give it for reading at home or at school so that it can be used to help children from poor households who really need guidance in their studies and exams.  

This is the material that can be used.

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