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Tuesday 14 September 2021

Dated:14/09/2021through HomeLearningDirectYouTube.

 Dated:14/09/2021through HomeLearningDirectYouTube.

Education,New HomeLearning September2021,Date14/9/21videos,All STD 3to12 Very usefull, Videos. 

Self-reliant Rural Self Help Groups: Commendable Steps Towards Self-Reliance ... * Namta Dave  For the social and economic upliftment of rural poor women's families in the state, a joint scheme of the Government of India and the State Government is currently implementing the NRLAM (National Rs. Livelihood Mission). 

 Gujarat Livelihood Promotion Company (GLPC) is working at the state level for the implementation of this scheme.  SUR SHG (Complete Group under Self Help G A Lapsi) Women's Organizational State Based on SECC-2011 Survey Floor i.e.

 Institution Covering Rural Poor Women Under Self Help Building and Capacity Groups (SHG - Self Help Group Building (IBCB duy Social Sakhi Mandals)  There is information about such government schemes as well as Inclusion and Social, out of which 2.50 lakh guides are provided in Ghal in the state. SHG groups - SHGs with the objective of Development (SISD)  There are 10 women members in at least five different schemes and other social sakhi mandals formed in a village. Information and guidance on awareness work of one village organization for 10 SHG group.  

The composition is given to the rural people as well as self help groups (SHGs) - Sakhi Mandals in the state.  Taking advantage of the projects, self-reliant women's groups are engaged in various types of activities.  In this way livelihood activities are done such as agriculture, animal husbandry, cottage-village industry, there are at least 10 to 20 villages.  The entire operation is being managed by the taluka, rural services etc.  This is done through the cluster level to control the organization (Vo) and to supervise the empowerment of GLPC SHGs at the district and state level.  Therefore, a Federation (CLF) of training, camps etc. 

should be formed from time to time. Thus, rural SHGs of the state are regularly organized.  Is.  At present there are 14 such clusters in the state, a cluster level federation is functioning between different livelihoods and each of the 5 villages. Thus, they are involved in (livelihood) activities. Coordinators are appointed.  Approved Total: 16% of the vacancies are rural for livelihood activities, reflecting the spirit of empowerment and self-reliance of 12 women.  In the coming days, the services of these women coordinators will be taken up to further empower the SHC-VO CLF M three tier group at the level and through them a continuous structure of these groups has been formed, including organized, trained market linkage monitoring, supervision, empowerment.  All the office bearers, representatives - SPI only sudl Entrepreneurship are us etc. There are different women at the village level, so it is up to the government to go to grammars.  • Gujarat) August, 2020

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