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Sunday 12 September 2021

Dated: 13/09/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube.

 Dated: 13/09/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube.

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The hard work of the businessmen who distributed checks of Rs.  The state government has provided Rs.  Loans up to Rs 1 lakh are given at only two per cent.  Citizen Cooperative Banks including Rajkot Citizen Cooperative Bank take this to the government for this!  Praising the co-operation across the country to save civilians from Corona, he said, “The little men were locked down.  The big banks that have been shut down since the lockdown began with the unlocking process in the country are the civil industry, businesses, employment revitalization and banks'.  

Inspired by Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai to boost the economy of the state, if the big banks have also announced a self-reliant Gujarat scheme in the form of such loan assistance of Rs 100 crore, the citizens of the state are getting benefits of Rs 3,000 crore across the state.  Recently, with the help of the Chief Minister, small businesses will get a new direction.  Shri Vijbhai Rupani on his 2nd Birthday The Chief Minister of Gujarat continued the march dedicated to the economic revival of development business-employment professionals even during the transition period of Gujarat Koro.  

The virtual distribution of the rupee-assisted check was from Gandhinagar.  He distributed checks of this assistance to five beneficiaries in Gandhinagar as a token.  So far 196 Chief Ministers in the state under the auspices of Rajkot Citizens Co-operative Bank have given loans through civic co-operative banks, 17 district central banks and 169 planned loan assistance disbursements by video conferencing.  The loan was given to the business-employers at an interest rate of only two per cent. 

 In this context, he clearly stated that such small artisans and businesses - the Chief Minister has clearly expressed the view that this government is not the one who has given cash assistance of Rs.  While the state government is fulfilling its responsibility with all its grief and sorrow, we, the small and big honest people, are financially secure. 

 The Chief Minister also said in the video that the Minister of State for Co-operation, Shri Ishwar Singh Patel, said that under the self-reliant Gujarat assistance package, Rs.  The Czechs joined the Vitraksh from the 1st conference.  On this occasion giving loans up to check lakhs, such artisans were present as a symbol of beneficiaries receiving assistance.  Is Gujarat and 8) August 15, 2020

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