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Saturday 11 September 2021

Read What percentage of CBSE standard 10 and standard 12 syllabus reduced?

 Read What percentage of CBSEstandard 10 and standard 12 syllabus reduced? 

The decision was taken by the state government in the interest of the farmers.  The more knowledgeable decisions he has taken so far, the more he has up to section 10 (3) of the law, the more land acquisition proceedings have been completed, the more work to be done in 2015 and the additional land to be declared vacant.  The provision has been made that the work has not been carried out.  Under the Revenue Revolution, there is a provision for the Revenue Department to apply for 22 service reference applications for clause or additional compensation.  

There was a provision to review the court for issuing the certificate. For speed and ease of operation, the time spent by the state was spent on decentralization of power.  Under the new law, the following powers have to be given to the collectors to have the following powers:  Ref to state farmers.  With regard to petitions 1, in cases where the proceedings up to Gandhinagar or Ahmedabad Section 10 (d) of the Act do not have to be completed.  Revenue Minister Shri Hoy as well as Kaushikbhai Patel, a court litigator, said that if the authority had done this but only disposal cases related to additional compensation would have been disposed of as the vacant land was to be occupied.  Cases that are not.  

The decision will result in speedy disposal of cases under Section 26 of the Acquisition Act, exemption of farmers due to compensation of farmers due to lands and questions under Section 21 regarding housing scheme of three retired District Judges.  When the land is owned by the government, the Revenue Minister said that the final decision in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot in the above cases under the Act, 1976 has not been taken care of by the urban and no land (ceiling and regulation) quot case has been filed. 

 The power to do so has been given to the Collectors in Jamnagar and Bhavnagar urban complexes.  Government possession of additional surplus public land for easy and expeditious action.  It has been decided to start a system like Lok Adalat from 17.07.2020.  Pursuant to which 33 District Collector of Revenue Department Shri Kashra, Settlement Commissioner and Director of Land Office, Superintendent of Stamp Shri and at the level of Heads of Departments of Sir Niriy Kashri, a total of 6 (Karach level) committees have been constituted.  A committee of 3 members has been formed by the Collector of the district and the collectors of the other two nearby districts.  A total of 3 persons including Superintendent of Stamps, District Collector Shri Aravalli and District Collector Shri Gandhinagar have been included in the committee of the Department of Stamps. 

 The Minister added that, b  If a Class-II and Class-I employee has been charged for a mild or heavy stone in a preliminary inquiry, they may choose to present their case before a high-level committee.  

જૂઓ અહી લાઇવ std 10 and 12 માં કેટલો ઘટાડ્યો અભ્યાસક્રમ વિડિઓ જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો 

Thus, their case can be disposed of expeditiously with the mutual consent of the disciplinary officer and the employee and the employee can be relieved from the lengthy process of departmental investigation.  Is Gujarat $ 2) August, 2020

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