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Thursday 2 September 2021

Dated: 3/09/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube

 Dated: 3/09/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube.

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ENE Public Response "Government service is so fast, professional, efficient and it's like sharing this, it's amazing that, I'm amazed ..." - The experience story of a citizen of Ahmedabad just a few days ago to me in minutes.  You stay eighth.  Suddenly, like exhaustion and tingling, they began to become friendly.  The body was not warm, they kept talking, they had become even more bitter.  

Were from Anand.  The Ahmedabad deputation came across such signs under normal circumstances, the area from Sarkhej to Prahladnagar they did not even notice, but were handling this corona.  In this way, we are alerted and go home with our team, taking tablets called Dolo 650 from 35 to 40 people a day.  

Test the difference appears during the day.  Even in ten minutes, in the evening, the result came back in the low fever test.  We all start to feel like that.  Corona was negative.  Two-and-a-half days in this way the mountain-like burden descended from the head.  After going to Awadhwa I felt that my impressions were a timely test for the natural corona.  Within two hours, one should also be taken.  Corona's test prescription is needed without having to pay for the test in the laboratory, without having to take a step from the doctor before taking even one from home.

  The doctor was done and before the minutes of counting went, the idea came that the verdict had also come!  No, the government helpline number does not end here.  Let's call 104 the next day.  104 The phone rang back from the hotline without any expectation.  Came.  If this follow up call.  The front end immediately picked up the phone. 

 The lady receptionist politely asked: You called us yesterday and asked two or three questions about the symptoms of the disease, the address noted.  So did our team test your corona?  Satisfied then said, ‘You don’t have to go anywhere for a Corona test.  Got service?  What is the result of the test?  Our medical team will come to your home and test you. 

 Two I was stunned.  No government service is so fast, they will get a call within an hour.  How can you be professional, efficient and affluent when you pick up the phone?  Our minds have become so conditioned that we have to do a government scheme.  Within an hour, we already knew that 104 helpline units could not be in the phone or facility. 

 This time we take the Sajan line named Doctor Walesha.  To be honest, I was on this belief after this experience.  He said, ‘I have your address, I have shaken my team.  The essence of this fly story is this: I am coming to your society with the symptoms of Corona.  Calling means below.  There is no need to panic and run to expensive doctors.  The phone rang half an hour later.  I came downstairs wearing mass and hand gloves.  Call 14 quietly without getting too close to the building.  A car of 104 was parked in front of the people.  An entire family from my building will come to your house on foot, test it without charging a single rupee and also give a standing result.  (These details are courtesy of the famous Gujarat author Shri Shishir Ramawat on FB Wall.) But the test was to be done.  After filling in the details on the form, samples were taken from all our noses in turn.  The doctor asked Walesha, when will the result of the test come?  He said, ‘Right now, ten Gujarat 2) if mochast, 2020

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