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Thursday 2 September 2021

Matter of setting up of non-academic staff in non-government schools

 Matter of setting up of non-academic staff in non-government schools

The policy will be able to take advantage of the provisions made under the policies.  • MSMEs: In order to make local NISMEs globally competitive, the policy emphasizes on promoting MSMEs (small, micro and small enterprises).  The State Government will support MSMEs for the upgradation of technology, adoption of globally accepted certification as well as marketing of their products internationally.  3.1 Capital Subsidy: MSMEs will be eligible for capital subsidy up to 5% of eligible credit and up to a maximum of Rs. 3 lakh. 

 In addition, if the incentive fund capital investment is more than Rs 10 crore, the industrial unit will be eligible for an additional capital subsidy of Rs 10 lakh.  5.2 Interest Subsidy: MSMEs will be eligible for interest subsidy up to 5% of the interest rate on term loan per annum for a period of 3 years and up to a maximum of Rs. 3 lakhs.  Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe, Physically Handicapped Entrepreneur Co / Women in Entrepreneurial Sector (Additional 1% Interest Subsidy to Entrepreneur Startups. In addition, Additional Interest Subsidy to Young Entrepreneurs below 35 years of age 1) on the day of loan approval.  4.2 Service Sector MSMEs 

 The contribution of the service sector to the national GDP is huge.  Many services are main inputs to facilitate other primary and secondary industries.  New Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020 Provision has been made to provide interest subsidy of up to 5% to service sector MSMEs located in the state, including financial services, health services, audio-visual services, construction related engineering services, environmental services etc. by the state government.  Work is also underway to formulate a policy for the service sector based on basic industries, Acquisition of foreign technology through 3.4 MSMEs: 

The State Government will provide financial assistance up to 5% of the total cost of acquiring foreign patent technology for the first time.  (Assistance up to a maximum of Rs. 20 lakhs will be provided.) This will go a long way in increasing the productivity of MSMEs and making them globally competitive. 

 3.5 MSMES 402 Ragami U14: To encourage MSMES to market their products nationally and internationally, the new Industrial Policy provides financial assistance of 5% of the total rent (maximum Rs. 5 lakhs) for stalling MSMEs in exhibitions held in India and sale in exhibitions held outside India.  Provide 50% financial assistance (maximum Rs. 5 lakhs) of the total rent.  3, & To encourage MSMEs to use solar energy, the use of rooftop in MSMEs unit has been increased from 15 minutes to 6.0 am to increase the power cycle to calculate the usage of units with the aim of making the solar power process easier and more efficient.  
In addition, the cost of purchasing surplus solar power from MSMEs has been increased by Rs 1.5 per unit to Rs.  4.5 per unit.  In addition, those who start using solar energy from existing industries will be given interest subsidy on term loans.  3,7 In addition, incentives will be given to MSME units which adopt quality certification such as Entrepreneurship Resource Planning (ERP) and Information and Communication Technology as well as ZED Certification, Patent Filing.  4) Government land will be given on long term lease.  Gujarat 20) August 1, 2020 to accelerate balanced regional development in the state

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