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Friday 3 September 2021

Dated: 4/09/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube

 Dated: 4/09/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube.

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For the policy, the state government will facilitate industries to acquire government land on long-term lease for a period of 20 years and land will be leased to industrial units.  Makhawa industries will also be allowed to mortgage the land so that they can get loan assistance from Bhek.  Lease period which can be extended for more time as per the prevailing rules at that time. 2) Balanced Regional Development: To promote balanced regional development in the state, all MSMEs and large Rs.  Mentoring assistance of Rs. 1 lakh (maximum Rs. 15 lakh will be given to industries incentives based on industrial development in the taluka.

 Less industrial development per year per institutes).  7) Relocation E-Centives: In the situation of further incentives for setting up of industries in the existing taluka of Kovid-19, many companies will be given unit benefit of their production.  6) Support to start-ups: According to a report, the country is considering bringing in 5% of the country.  Only relocated startups from other countries are in Ahmedabad which has made Gujarat (migration) an important startup hub for such companies planning to relocate.  To set up a manufacturing unit in Gujarat, Seed Support will increase the case-to-face special 6.1 artup from Rs 30 lakh to Rs 30 instant.  

Up to lakhs.  9) Sustainability given to Research and Innovation 62 Startup Unit 8.1 Research Allowance for one year for development of a strong industrial ecosystem is Rs.  10,000 per month and innovation plays an important role.  Therefore, by increasing Rs.  20, has been ooo.  As well as the fact that we have emphasized the development of at least one female co-founder institution in a research and development startup.  Sustainability allowance for research is Rs.  25,000 per Mass and Development as well as Product Development Centers for one year.  In order to set up this policy, private companies and, in addition to 6.5, start-ups, mid-level pre-Series A organizations will be given Rs.  2 crore assistance. 

 For funding, a separate fund will be created under Gujarat Venture Finance Limited (CVFL) 8.2 Any Industrial Enterprise Industrial. 

 In addition to this association accredited R&D institution, start-ups will be given an additional 1% interest subsidy {AITE accredited technical colleges.  (I.e. up to 5% on term loan.) Contract sponsored research work is supported by project cost (land 6.4 which can have a significant impact on society and excluding building costs).  Grant up to Rs. 10 lakhs, Rs.  Under the consideration of giving within the limit of 50 lakhs, 6.5 can be taken with national or international recognition.  9) Development of Industrial Infrastructure per Start-up for Registration in Acceleration Programs: Rs.  The policy will provide financing to private developers for setting up private industrial parks in the state.  5% of investment (up to Rs. 50 crore) Incentives 6.6 Support for Soft Skills: Manager level training, Soft Skill training, Marketing skills, Federalizing. 

 In the case of Vanbandhu Taluka, the policy found capital units to set up startups for training in matters like Industrial Parks Finance at a cost of Rs.  Funding up to Rs. 1 lakh will be provided in support of 50% (up to Rs. 20 crore) of reimbursement investment.  Will.  This will support the construction of industrial infrastructure and the development of last mile connectivity.  6.7 Accredited Nodal Institutes per Startup Gujarat 21) 16th August, 2020 1 .. - 1 1

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