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Sunday 8 August 2021

Direct link of online video of Gujarat Virtual School Date of 9/8/2021

 Direct link of online video of Gujarat Virtual School Date of 9/8/2021 

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The Gujarat Government has applauded the idea of ​​Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi to set up an Art Museum of Tribal Freedom Fighters in various states including Gujarat to pay homage to this invaluable and unforgettable contribution of tribal freedom fighters.  In this regard, the Gujarat Government has started construction of a state-of-the-art national level museum on more than 25 acres at Garudeshwar in Rajpipla.  The estimated cost of the project is Rs 103 crore.  The museum site is located 8 kilometers from the Stereo of Unity along State Highway 5. 

 The museum, which is being constructed in Garudeshwar in Narmada district, will showcase the contributions of tribal freedom fighters from all over India.  It will also showcase the rich tribal culture, traditions and heritage of India’s tribal communities.  A research center will also be set up in the museum.  Where museum and tamim literature related to tribal struggle will be made available. 

 The amphitheater will showcase programs highlighting tribal culture and heritage, including popular tribal dances and folk music.  In addition, tribal artisans - a cultural center for artists to practice, exhibit and sell their artwork;  An open air tribal hut exhibition center will also be set up.  The center will have 50 tribal huts of different castes of India, a monument, besides what will be a museum by the tribes in the center?  

The museum will display 16 major revolutions from across India in the form of galleries.  Along with this, about 70 stories of struggle for freedom will also be displayed in the form of literature.  In addition to the struggle for independence, the museum will also display a number of films and videos depicting the lives of the tribal people for an independent India and the tragedy they faced in the freedom struggle.

  Work is in progress, including the planning and advanced designing of the National Museum of Tribal Freedom Fighters.  Construction is 50% complete and the rest will be completed by 2022.  In particular, the four battles of the main azwadi in Gujarat in which the tribal builders performed wonderful heroic deeds, the special dishes prepared will be demonstrated by the tasters. 

 A tribal food court will also be set up so that people can enjoy the struggle for independence.  Ekki - Palchitaria Movement (Palchitaria - Dadhavav), Gujarat Government's fight for more Dangs (Dang), Mangarh Movement (Dungarpur - Santrampur) is a tribal welfare purpose behind the construction of this museum.  This includes the struggle of the government and Nayakdas (Panchmahal) through this museum, the work will also be carried out in Gujarat under the leadership of Govind Guru in the freedom struggle towards providing livelihood to the local tribal people.  

As many as 1,500 tribals were martyred at Mangarh and 1,2os notably, the Ministry of Tribal Affairs said as many tribals of India were martyred at Dadhav, where Fuda has sanctioned 9 such museums in different parts.  Only in his memory have the Viranjali forests been created.  "The Museum of Jarat will showcase the unparalleled bravery shown by Bando for the state's fascination in spreading the history of the tribal community to more and more people in the freedom struggle across India.  

All the information gathered has been collected from the Government Tribal Freedom Fighters Museum as well as many official sources from across the country.  An excellent opportunity to do so, starting from the freedom struggle, has now developed the country and the state-historical places as tourist destinations, in which Devmogra, Shabariyam, the center of the Madivas' faith, will provide. •  , 020

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