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Friday 6 August 2021

Direct link to all standard videos or YouTube under Home Learning dated 7/8/2021

Direct link to all standard videos or YouTube under Home Learning dated 7/8/2021

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This amount is insufficient for the development of more than one lakh tribals.  This did not make the overall development of the tribes possible.  Is, the best facility of education for tribal students.  Even in the realization of our determination to give, there is clearly no margin for development in the budget.  

That is, can be seen.  When the then Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi took over the governance of the state by giving scholarships to students up to Std-10, he allocated Rs.  Is.  More than nine lakh students have benefited from this, then implement the Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana of Rs 15,000 crore.  Shri, Narendrabhai Modi was given a bicycle to more than 3000 students studying in Std-9 so that the life of the tribals and their condition could be reached by the school on time. 

 That is why he has Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana.  The provision of uniform assistance to 2.50 lakh students is truly a driving force for the overall development of the tribals.  At the same time, I made it a point to draw your attention to it.  And then there is the fact that the drop-out ratio in schools in tribal areas has plummeted to 1.5 per cent today, a dramatic turn of events that could revolutionize life.  This is not a trivial matter, everyone is well aware of it. 

 This great achievement of the result oriented implementation of the state government can be attributed to the 3 million tribal citizens living in the eastern part of the state.  The percentage of education for tribal women for development of the year was Rs. 12.5 crore in this year's budget of Rs.  1,50 crore i.e. 3.91% more, Rs.  21 crore, this year it is Rs.  The rate of increase has been 2.71 per cent, especially among women.  However, an increase of 12.5 per cent has been made. Under the state-of-the-art Eklavya Niwasi Yojana in Vanbandhu Kalyan tribal areas, paved roads and schools have been started in the villages of Vanbandhu in the eastern belt. 

 The arrival of tribal schools, anganwadis, water and electricity facilities in these schools made the students of the society feel excellent about education, accommodation and meals. 

 The children began to come out of malnutrition.  Pure drinking facilities are provided.  Tribal water became available in these schools.  The powers that be are first revealed in the children of Nadijati.  There was no science school in our area.  

Today all the tribal state governments started science schools in the brilliant talukas of the tribal community under the Talent Pool Scheme, the talent of economic tribal students in private schools started coming out for further study to the students in Eklavya schools.  108. In the direction of providing assistance, your attention is also drawn to the ambulance service as a blessing for the tribal community.  Students have become theirs through ashram schools. 

 With the provision of primary education close to home, the hunger for education has been revealed among the tribal students.  Question: Education is important for the prosperity and future development of any individual or society.  Question of Tribal Building: Will this shed light on the educational status of primary and secondary education facilities? 

 Talk but how to answer for students who want to study higher: Very good question.  Let us give the details of this. Under the decisive leadership of our Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani.  
The idea was to start a university for the higher studies of the students starting school in the tribal villages, with the idea of ​​not having a shortage of teachers.  With his inspiration, Narmada district is being closely monitored today.  We have taken care that every tribal child gets primary education at Veer Shaheed Birsa Munda Tribal University near Rajpipla.  Has been employed for education.  Awareness in the tribal community has increased in this university.  Today tribal children provide all kinds of facilities to students for higher studies as well.  Is there an arrangement?  Gujarat 60) September 1, 2020

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