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Tuesday 10 August 2021

Watch the video in Std 3 to 12 of today's Home Learning from the link of Dior Cut YouTube

 Watch the video in Std 3 to 12 of today's Home Learning from the link of Dior Cut YouTube 

Date 11/8/21

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At the National Museum of Tribal Special Tribal Freedom Fighters, Dewang Mewada expressed his desire to establish in various states.  If you want to measure the well-being and happiness of any country or society, you have to take note of the culture of the tribals who are involved in the freedom struggle, because culture is one of the few museums in different states.  

However, it is not a matter of decades, it is a matter of centuries-old tradition, government, even the way of showing tribal culture in it.  In the culture that has come, along with the history of that society.  Overview of the changes that have taken place in the period up to the present situation In the early years of the British Raj, there are tribes all over India.  Moreover, all these information communities bravely resisted the British rule, showing a glimpse of integrated tribal culture for future generations as well. 

 And the collected Kavi is also essential to the Tribal Museum of Ahwa in India with the British rule.  For which, if we talk about various Gujarats, there are storage facilities in the talukas of the eastern part of the state to grab the land.  However some inhabited tribes have a distinctive culture.  For centuries and for a caste society like economic exploitation, tribal museums have been scarce against such evils as their livelihood, housing, agriculture, social evils.  There is also a cultural history in which communities, different from other societies, have struggled heavily, including life, traditions, and lifestyles.  Tribal culture- Sanskar leaves a distinctive impression.  

Was.  A visit to this region in this long but sovereign war of sovereignty reveals that not only the tribal natural resources fought in the conflict from the beginning of the British Raj, but also the heroism of the society in uprooting this culture and culture.  There is no museum of their cultural history for centuries and including Mahatma Gampi.  It is a matter of pride for the tribal community to carry the present by helping the agitators. Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai said that the government was determined to set up a tribal museum. 

 Modi did for the independence of the country on August 15, 2016 and has implemented it.  On the other hand, a glimpse of the glorious history of various [Independence Days] societies across the country in the tribal folklore can be found in the Adivasi Tribal Museum located in the Adhwa region of Dang.  Where their lifestyles, the community also accompany the British Raj in public struggles in the long struggle, as a result the weapons used by them in addition to the British dress, the unity of India in the fight for freedom and the display and information of culinary instruments have played an important role.

  Along with this, the tribal community got down on its knees against the heroism for health treatment.  Gujarat, including the museum, tells the story of heroism.  Gujarat 66) September 1, 2018 Tribes all over India

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