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Tuesday 27 July 2021

Unit Test to be held in the month of August Which subject unit test will be taken in Circular Standard 3 to 5

Unit Test to be held in the month of August Which subject unit test will be taken in Circular Standard 3 to 5

Education all news,Ekam kasoti 2021, August

Strict punishment will be meted out to land mafias for illegal land grabbing.  That illegal possession of privately owned land by raising documents to enforce strict illegal occupation against land grabbing elements who do not have direct possession or ownership rights and in some cases the administration has decided to pass an act-bill.  Gujarat is associated with investors, industries, trade and activities of the country and the world as it is illegal to transfer, sell and rent the leading state of the country which is benefiting from global development in the name of others. 

 The Best Choice for Investment for Employment and the Land of the State Government has also become an opportunity for the sons of the earth as well as religious institutions.  Complaints ranging from economic, social and commercial and illegal activities in the state have been received from time to time due to the development in the last two decades from the acquisition of all land in Gujarat to its construction and sale.  There has been a significant increase in agricultural activities.  As well as in individual cases, many people in the state have fallen prey to such elements due to the speed of all these activities to create the necessary structure.  

Due to this, the demand for state land has been increasing significantly.  Law and order issues also arise for the government, especially in the municipal areas of the state.  Under these circumstances, the demand for land in industrial areas and for the purpose of residential land is increasing by increasing the demand for land in any form.  

Has declared the activity illegal.  And at the same time the market value of the land is being increased only by the government, provided by the law.  That the local authorities take advantage of the situation not only to the land involved in the sale of the land owned by the Dal but also to some elements of religious charity as well as to individuals in it who have an interest in the institution or debtor or private person.  If the occupation continues, such activity c.  Individuals associated with the state also carry out illegal activity with malicious intent. 

 Gunega The Gujarat Land Graving (Prohibition) Act - Important provisions of the ordinance under the Act.  It will also appoint land grabbers in such a usurped form.  Such a special court shall make it an illegal and punishable offense to enter into a contract for the construction of a suo moto land or to prohibit any other activity for the purpose of purchasing suo moto land.  The same punishment will be meted out to those who take strict legal action against the snatchers as per the rules.  Such land grabbing cases can be dealt with expeditiously.  

The Chief Minister called for transparent investigation of cities in Gujarat - hearing as well as the Gujarat Land Grabbing (Prohibition) towns - all-round development of the metropolis for strict punishment of land mafias as per the provisions of State Act 2020  As well as form according to employment opportunities.  

To put such a special court for sale or to declare the maximum appropriate use of the land in that case to be entered in the court of law in maximum number of cases.  The Gujarat Land Grabbing Act will also serve as a new milestone in the direction of ensuring that these names are realized or encouraged by greedy people.  Navo, fast of 3 government cases.

એકમ કસોટી આયોજન 2021 નો પરિપત્ર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

 Which subject unit test will be taken in standard 6 to 8? 

 On what date is the unit test to be taken? 

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