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Tuesday 27 July 2021

Recruitment of PTC and BEd as well as pre-PTC candidates is to be published in the Papa Pagli project within the Anganwadi level.

 Recruitment of PTC and BEd as well as pre-PTC candidates is to be published in the Papa Pagli project within the Anganwadi level.

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According to the resolution taken in the reading year: In the year 2021-2, the project "Pa Pa Pagli" has laid a strong foundation for the quality of life of the children of 6-7 years coming to the Anganwadi in the important years of life, development of the child and their readiness for kindergarten education.  The government has kept.  Under the new education policy 2020, pre-primary education is considered very important for the child's further schooling.  For this, pre-primary education has to be given to children from 6 to 8 years in Anganwadi.  Thus the important foundation of a child's education (2-3 years) will be laid in the Anganwadi of the state.  After 3 years the child will leave Anganwadi and enter the school in preparatory class.  According to the new education policy 2020, Anganwadi worker will have to be trained for pre-primary education of children of 6-7 years.  For this GCERT.  Will organize online / distance learning courses and training for Anganwadi workers according to their educational qualifications.  After taking this course and training, to provide continuous educational guidance to the Anganwadi worker, under the project "Pa Pa Pagli", PSE Consultant - 1 at State level, District PSE Instructor - 2 at District and Corporation level and Block PSE Instructor at Component level - 2 posts will be recognized outsourced.  .  Details of Planned Budget Provision The following provision has been made for consultants and instructors for project implementation, monitoring, capacity building and guidance. 

The organization providing the manpower required for outsourced services must strictly comply with the following conditions.  1. The manpower required for all the vacancies at State / District / Corporation / Component level vacancies to be filled by outsourcing should be suggested by the Outsourcing Agency.  The outsourced agency has to provide a list of 3 (three) times the number of qualified manpower required for this service.  The list of which has to be given to the Municipal Commissioner of the Corporation, District Development Officer of the district and Program Officer within the time limit.  2. Full details for the assigned manpower should be provided by the outsourced agency in which the selected manpower should be provided with biodata, photograph, experience, qualification, date of service, etc.  3. The program officer will have to check the qualification and experience prescribed for each post and suggest a list for appointment.  4. ICDS.  After receiving the instruction from the office corporation / district panchayat to terminate the services of the candidate, the agency has to remove them immediately and provide qualified manpower with immediate effect as required.  5. In case of any financial loss to the government by the manpower provided by the outsourced agency, the amount has to be paid to the government by the outsourced agency and also the necessary guarantee has to be obtained, in which case their bank guarantee will be forfeited.  Action will be taken.  6. The outsourced agency shall make all deductions as per the prevailing policy-rules of the Government as well as the amount of such deductions to be made as per the rules should be credited to the concerned account.  

7. The amount of monthly remuneration to the manpower appointed by the outsourced agency should be regularly credited to the account of the nominated candidate by the 5th of every month, and the detailed list of credits should be returned to the concerned District / Corporation ICDS office.  Whether manpower wise numbers are on duty regularly?  In this regard, the district office as well as the constituent office will have to monitor the manpower under their control from time to time.

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