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Wednesday 28 July 2021

Dated: 29/07/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube

 Dated: 29/07/2021 through Home Learning Direct YouTube 

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Decision Junagadh to get approval for pipeline works for Fofal-1 The Gujarat government has started the Roraji of Saurashtra and its environs in view of the needs of the world in the underground sewerage project Anera.  Recently, Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has given Udan Dey approval to provide permanent irrigation to the villages of Junagadh area for drinking water and Rs.  Under the Golden Jubilee Mukhyamantri Shaheri Vikas Yojana, with 2 prices for Coke 2-1 reservoir, 3 crore?  In Junagadh, like in the metros, the construction of textile underground sewerage system and STP facility pipeline works will increase the welfare of Chief Minister Shri Shatirjan and the well-being of urban life.  Vijaybhai has approved Rupani.  As a result of the Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani approving the works of the long term Chief Minister of Junagadh for extending the pop line without the response from the colorful donors.

  Due to lack of underground sewerage system in the new Bhanetra areas of Junagadh metropolis, the effluent used in Fophal-Kadak Panni Rata and Karo-Awas would be discharged without any treatment in natural jars like Kajwa, Zanzartra, 10 jar acre area of ​​8 villages.  As a result, the polluted land facility will become dry.  Not only that, Jamkandora!  Kekai was co.  Chief Minister Shri Vijbhai Rupani said that the Golden Jubilee Chief Minister Urban Development Population will get drinking water in this and 150 articles of 52 villages of Dhoraji in Junagadh metropolis.  Election tax Rs.  215 crore has been allotted for underground sewerage system.  

The main pipeline of Crofan-4 km will be laid under this scheme by Shri Jayeshbhai Radadia, Minister of Civil Supplies, Mangak, in the zone of Mangar Supply Mangar, including 6 TPs and 5 pitching stains.  Considering the population of the pipeline area below the reservoir or the population of Junagadh metropolis for the next 30 years, this length is to be increased to prepare water underground sewerage system in Fofal-2 reservoir.  The Chief Minister has approved the presentation of Junagya which has been approved by the Chief Minister.  With the completion of this underground sewerage project and STP works, the health and well-being of more than 3 lakh people will be improved by giving a favorable response of over three and a half lakhs.  Not only that, in natural stasis this pose is approved. 

 The problem of dirty water will be solved.  In the wider interest of small entrepreneurs, startups and two lakh street vendors, a stamp duty of Rs 2.5 crore has been waived. From the status quo virus, the economy, trade and industry have been revived by the state's urban sharecroppers.  For this to happen, small and start-up businesses under the Prime Minister's Shree Way Atmanirjar will be given Rs.  Chief Minister Shri Vijathbhai Rupani has decided to grant two amnesties to the state's Jashar who got 10,000 loans. As many as one lakh beneficiaries will also be exempted from stamp duty.

  Is.  According to the decision of the Chief Minister, the small industrialists who have given Rs 2 lakh to such Garicoria Street Vendors for Rs.  9 as well as startup industries Rs.  Loans up to Rs 50,000 have been sanctioned against a working capital loan of Rs 1,000.  If they have stamp duty of Rs.  Stamp duty has to be paid by October 3, 2020.  The total amount of this stamp duty is Rs.  
The state government has decided to waive Rs 3 crore.  As many as 3,000 such small scale industries in the state, the Chief Minister has given Rs.100 crore to Kovid-19 business-employment units in the state for the benefit of stamp duty exemption.  30. They will get legal relief and they will be able to get the disbursement of the sanctioned loan up to Rs. 1000 and their livelihood for the hawkers.  The state government has set aside Rs.  1.3 In order to resume the business, Prime Minister Titus left the self-sufficient crore scheme and in the aftermath of the Kauro, a small fund of Rs.  The additional stamp duty on a loan of Rs 10,000 will stand by the industry.  Not only this stamp duty but also the Chief Minister has decided in a letter that a total amount of Rs. 3.0 crore crore has been waived.  • Gujarat $ 2): September, 2020 will be liberated.  264

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