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Wednesday 7 July 2021

Direct link of online video of Gujarat Virtual School Date of 8/7/2021

 Direct link of online video of Gujarat Virtual School Date of 8/7/2021 

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Iustration, learning trials and planning for the achievement of the goal so that the peak of success can be achieved, discipline is essential for a person in any situation. A person becomes victorious by adopting the value of discipline in the subtle and established aspects. Discipline is a must. If the teacher is self-disciplined then the student will also cultivate those marks. Thus self-discipline is that excellent virtue. ‘Cleanliness prevails there. 'Where there is cleanliness, there the Lord dwells. Adopting the virtue of internal and external hygiene, external hygiene protects from diseases. While internal hygiene prevents immorality.

 Various activities should be organized at school level so that students also understand the value of hygiene. The student has to think from a scientific point of view. Discovering activities that develop children's creative power and presenting it to the child can enhance their thinking ability. The student works hard but fails in the exam or gets low marks and gets frustrated and does something awkward. So the student has to think from a scientific point of view so that he does not do something irrational. Why does failure happen? Why is less Marcus coming? If he does research and observes it, he will definitely get the answer. 

 That is why teachers should provide the right environment for students to think from a scientific point of view. The key to success is confidence. A person should not lose confidence in any situation, maintaining self-confidence leads to success even in adverse circumstances. Efforts should be made to make the student confident. Life is full of struggles. There is a glimpse of victory in a conflicted life. Maintaining a person's self-confidence becomes what a human being thinks. Always do good thoughts and get rid of bad thoughts from the mind wherever a person goes, spreads the scent of comfort, lodge 'and makes the parka his own through thoughts. What to embrace ideas. Swadhyay, Sashe, reading Sanu literature, the student always thinks well. Stories that inspire in the prayer meeting at the school level for Sai and motivational events. One should treat others appropriately, taking into account their convenience.

 Taking more work by speaking a little, that etiquette is a virtue that can be achieved through study and practice. It does not require any special circumstance or ur clan. The study of etiquette can bring to life the individual effort of any situation, it requires the tenderness of the sensitive heart. Such a person pays attention to the small things in his dealings and life course so that others do not get hurt. Etiquette requires paying attention to the feelings of others. How does a student sit in school? How to speak How to behave He is a polite teacher. 

 That is why the teacher should cultivate the virtue of etiquette. The person has to be patient. Patience in any task, a patient person achieves excellence. To cope with the crisis that befalls the person. The student should cultivate the virtue of being patient. Friendships should be enhanced everywhere, at home and abroad. A true friend is like a guru. Which can touch the heart of a friend and bring him to the level of mental well-being by making him realize the real situation. A man can overcome his evils, weaknesses and mistakes in front of a true friend, listen to him without praying and people are afraid of facing a difficult situation because of self-confidence but I have faith in myself. - Mohammed Ali May, 2021 25

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