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Thursday 8 July 2021

Direct link of online video of Gujarat Virtual School Date of 9/7/2021

 Direct link of online video of Gujarat Virtual School Date of 9/7/2021  

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Test Jana Shikshan Una, find out the reasons for the character that the students like, get the reasons for the characters that they like. Get the students to do characterization by noting the above issues in KP. What do you do if you are instead of a character? Ask about it, what are the effects of the relationship between the characters? Ask about it. List the events that take place in the story. Go through the events in the story, find out the reasons for the events. સ્પષ્ટ Explain the relationship between Patna. Get information about the main event of the talk. Get information about the descriptions in the conversation. Explain what the descriptions have to do with the story. વર્ણ What descriptions did you like? What descriptions were not lost? Find out the reasons. ત Draw a comparison in the story. Comparative Aptitude - Check Inadequacy. Sort out what the author wants to say through the story. - Learn the story. Sort out the values ​​in question.  Other stories, poems, occasions, events in the student experience just like one story. - Get information about reading if you have come to the previous standard of teaching. 

The teacher should also make a presentation regarding the above mentioned activity. - Use story related reference. Ask questions by showing pictures regarding the incident. Get meanng from students about unfamiliar words વાત Make familiar sentences instead of unfamiliar words, get meanings from idioms, synonyms, antonyms. Explain the conjunctions, treaties, metaphors, common words that come up. Create a play based on the story. Organized to present students play in class. Guide the students towards writing in this way. Asking questions in class regarding these activities, the required K.P. To note.

 To motivate the students to write in the notebook. Doing so will help students understand the story and lead to self-study. As students move towards writing, interest in learning will automatically grow as soon as they become interested in Sahim. There will be no problem in bringing results, if the teacher is continuously teaching in Std. 9, 10, he will not have to worry about completing the course. Will be able to get a grip on. Which will be excellent for their lives. Contact: 10, Vrindavan Bungalows, Vallabhavidyanagar, Ta. Dist. Anand-388120, What does education and culture teach? Teaches the nature of education, teaches service, teaches the ideal of equality, teaches the essence of humanity, teaches the use of the ear, teaches all-round development, teaches the decency of salami culture, initiates the activity of change, controversy. 

 Aapi Dar teaches, teaches all good, not negative but teaches dialogue, organizes camps, teaches enthusiasm, teaches renunciation of practices, teaches sacraments, teaches the destruction of despair, teaches the emergence of masha, Teaches, teaches "Gurudevo Bhava", "Acharyadeva Bhava", teaches the destruction of atheism, teaches the ideal of menstruation, teaches the ideal of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbam", teaches hygiene, teaches the elimination of drugs, teaches the habit of eating, Veda-  Teaches to improve temperament, teaches mythology to handle responsibilities, teaches restraint of speech, teaches new ones, teaches to be present on time, teaches resolutions from disputes, teaches tension free life, life  Teaches survival, teaches problem solving, teaches Gohadan Gol to water, teaches Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga, teaches how to use, teaches to greet the Sun God, teaches to win so much. , Sahiyaro teaches Purushartha, just as a seed sown without a field becomes useless, so destiny does not get achievement without Purushartha.

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