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Tuesday 6 July 2021

Direct link of online video of Gujarat Virtual School Date of 7/7/2021

 Direct link of online video of Gujarat Virtual School Date of 7/7/2021

EducationBridge corsh 2021,July,All STD 1to10, Gyaan setu 

There is air education. God loves to read Vaghela story, gives pleasure. Simple stories can be understood, but some stories may not be easy to understand, it is necessary to understand them together when the sequence of events in the stories is also different. Even in schools, students are taught by incorporating stories into textbooks.

 In an effort to find out how the environment is provided. Observing in a way that the teacher does not realize, by discussing with the trainees and teachers based on the discussion with the teachers - then by getting information from the trainees, got the idea of ​​storytelling method, in which most of the teachers teach the students by reading the story. 

 This method is only suitable for completing the course. But the question is whether the students do not realize what they understood about the story. It may seem that the teacher has to complete the course to complete the student or to make the student full! To make Vanshikshan interesting, with the faith that teachers will think ... • Before teaching - Teachers' activities Teacher read the story. - Prepare a plan for story teaching. 

 What to do after going to class? It is very important to think. Special planning should be done for the method, application, educational tool, educational references, activities and questions for the class work. Activities for students The teacher should name the story in advance and instruct the students to come to the class after reading the story from the textbook. Write down the words not understood during the story in the notebook and get the meaning from the dictionary, from other elders, from the guardian and instruct them to re-read the story Assigning classmates to the relationship between the characters in the van - to prepare a list of character traits, events or events. • W [during education! Before starting the teaching work, the teacher should orient the students towards the story by using verses, events, short stories, sayings, idioms or news-events from newspapers which are in line with the central idea of ​​Van.

 Then the story should be read rhythmically, in pure language, with ups and downs. Reading can also be done with students in the second hour. The teacher's reading should be more like teaching and orienting the student than reading. After the talk, the students should be involved in the discussion. For this the students can be involved in the class work through the following activities, get the names of the characters of the story. Explain to the student the relationship between the characters in the story. Make a note of the character's behavior in the story. Discuss the merits and demerits of the characters. If you want to live happily and happily in the world, reduce your need. - Mahatma Gandhi 29

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