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Friday 16 April 2021

Std.9 and 11 Mass Promotion 2021 officials letter, 10and12 exam post pond, and 50%staff letter

 Std.9 and 11 Mass Promotion 2021 officials letter 

Live NNVA 70 |  _Kum bhakne na khaavu bhasane (dharanu pratham ravavani (mavay ke mane to piva javar sasthi ke ke) (sash paan hashe, pan 3 to laagubapa saath, mein te tene jye shiksha pake vinobaji no thayun (ko che ke, nana ba! Pine  (Dha jashna a muni potani vapam] which went to the center of the house in education  Go! The solution to the problem is not only small but also the primary poet Rabindranath Tagore, Kanaiyalal Munshi, considered the Sanskrit proverb of army + no culture. 

 Today such a powerful Sajikkaron | Matrubhasha and Mathrubhumi are superior even to heaven.The plane of that work has been translated into Manek Mapormo.  Even now, his place in the Lok Sabha is Chiranjav, Rank  Pakhyan, Vapur, Na Medavad 3gtJess Adarsh ​​Vidyarthi's Sankalpasutra 1 has become human.  I will live only as a human being.  I am a student (Vidha Nath).  Haw m.  Radia, who is trying to get education, will be able to procreate diligently - 'I will keep on meditating, I will become a sa + dyke in the study of Sachin.  Nails are the best way to cultivate for humanity. I will stay away from any meditation that destroys life.

 We will spend the night for the sake of the cow!  And I will create an atmosphere of possibility, I will respect the parents who sinned with love in my childhood, in their old age, by doing so liberally, a small 10. My Ishtadev will die. 

 I will cry for such an effort, because the pride of the country is also my pride - Memmai no j  Give character education to children, if you assume otherwise, that space will automatically learn. "Gandhiji is February, 2021

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