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Friday 16 April 2021

STD 1 to 8 mass promotion.pdf 16 April

 Std 1 to 8 mass promotion.pdf 16 April 

1 to 8 mass promotion.pdf 16 April 

Both me and my language are Gujarati but started from a young age and chanted Tony Nick!  V Giru Para is a donation in Gujarati language Capital or Mob term Rani Dey is the key to go to my party, 21st February is International Language Day.  E.  Q.  In 1998, UNESCO decided to celebrate Napa Day, which has been celebrated annually since February, 2000. The purpose behind it is to respect the diversity of Bhakai and Sankuni and to promote Napaism.  

The more we sing the praises of Maa, Matrubhasha and Tribhuni, the more we are proud - the less we fall!  The Madhima of these three is unconventional!  The death and refuge of this Tro makes life Pa and Bhavana!  Mother, mother tongue and motherland are equal!  Arjun and is extraordinary! 

 These three are the sea of ​​love!  I got to meet human values ​​in the human fair only because of my incomplete mood or my mother tongue!  - Ni or tax promise page --- page invaluable contribution.  Realization of its value means mother tongue rites and keeps it alive with mother tongue!  Even honey is my mother tongue!  Our mother tongue is our mother, sugar is shirmore, adornment is the help.  The richness of language is the seed of freedom.  Whether our language is on Shudra and also rich, we have our identity in the mother tongue! 

 The mother tongue is the mother tongue.  Napa of them and sensation, the language of instantaneous - chhav karti ma ni and gathe ti!  Language is a way of expressing one's honor.  Ramapani, the language that welcomes the deaf ear of distance, is the father who revolves around divinity and grandeur?  The father and mother who love our personality is the land of Gujarat, let the soil of the homeland be the root in the soil, my language is Gujarati.  The sweetness of our grandparents is shoe - a letter to salty salt.  Even more than a son is a daughter-in-law!  If a guest comes to the house, come here ... '  Also come when you leave home.  Come on ... let's say!  Kakka starts with ‘k’ which means pen, ‘nu’ means khadiyo, g ’means gashnapati and‘ dhu ’means‘ d ’of the house.  

Meaning that if a person or a child studies Kalam and Pradiyo, that is, Ganapati will come  Riddhi-siddhi l labor and benefits come to his house and when these four come, his house collapses.  Forms the world!  'Ram' means give your love to the child, not your thoughts.  '' Khalil Gibran March 2011 10

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