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Thursday 15 April 2021

16/4/2021nu home learning a to z. STD 1to 12all students help full dayrek on line you tube video

16/4/2021nu home learning a to z. STD 1to 12all students help full dayrek on line you tube video

In the context of Gandhiji and the new national education policy, education in the mother tongue Manubhai Ramanlal Chopdi is covered in 21 ha bhu smari dhi ka malubapa din ni ke gam vika every year.  Ram Pvt. 
 The above statement is an indisputable truth.  According to the research of Matrubhasha Vednathaba Gar under the request of a Shayad, Mandajit was made 6500 regional in Vika and Gujarati language is spoken in it.  Leading March 2019 writers, journalists, linguists and, according to this link, were interested in speaking Chinese Mandarin. 
 For the most part, the number of individuals of interest was 91.8 million.  (11,299% of the world's population).  In second place was recently Dat.  On 30-7-2020 Vs.  The number of national Spanish-speaking people has reached 480 million.  

The number of speakers of the language is 379 million writers, journalists and language lovers (492% of the world's population) and the national language of India ‘mother tongue’ from Std.1 to Std.  
Primary education up to 5 has reduced the number of Hindi speaking people from 34 to 1 million.  Is the new national (4 42% of the world's population).  But the draft of education policy all over the world was prepared in the year 2019 by JK Kasturirangan's most popular and universally accepted folk language team and submitted to the Parliament of India.  

As such, the English language is at the forefront.  In our country India, Policy New Education's Policy 2020 is a policy that fundamentally improves education in a total of 22 languages ​​in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of the country.  
This policy is included.  A total of 121 regional languages ​​in India.  Kasturirangan is ready for the presidency. 

 (Which is registered on record.) All over the world and is.  Before formulating this education policy, the committee had received suggestions from lakhs of people in practical language and more use in two and a half countries of the country. 
 In addition to the prevalence of English as the language of instruction and the class associated with the world, the general public and the wider world are very wide.  
Information guardians were also included in the twenty-first century.  The whole of K with the invention and widespread spread of technology. 
 Kasturirangan's team has studied the current education system in regional and mother tongue entities in various countries around the world and found that the threat posed by linguists and experts at the center of Indian tradition and local cultural values ​​prevailed in the 21st century. 
 Children never ask for discipline that you do not strive for.  ”Mrs.

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