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Wednesday 21 April 2021

22/4/2021 home learning video all students all STD use ful

 22/4/2021 home learning video all students all STD use ful 

Education,April 2021,Home Learning 2021,22/4/2021 

If the teacher should be equipped, is he going to fight?  No, but working actively and enthusiastically in the classroom is a fight!  B.Ed, or P.T.C. 
 When we do, it comes to mind that the shop closes early no matter how much preparation is done!  Shik is the pillar of education, the bearer of values ​​and values ​​through education, the trust of parents, the role model of students, that is why the teacher has a very high expectation that he should always be equipped.  
There is a beautiful sentence, ‘No society can be higher than its teacher.  In this sentence, both the need for readiness of the teacher and the expectation of the society are included.  
There is another sentence, ‘Let me talk to that person, I will tell him what his teacher will be like.  "It is not just the teacher who influences the person, it is influenced by many other factors. 
The gist of this sentence is that the teacher has the greatest influence on any person. The teacher is the main factor of teaching.  If there is a creator of the future generation and he is not equipped then the whole generation is at a loss.  

If the teacher should be equipped, how should he be equipped? The question naturally arises.  The list can still be lengthened. In real education, the planning of the teacher should be such that one minute of the hour is fully utilized.  

Teachers must teach us that  Will come which we can place in the ranks of a well-equipped teacher.  As teachers, we have to make our teachers role models. 

 Content readiness is the most important aspect.  Clarity of content plays the most important part in influencing students. 
 The same thing applies with urgency.  Not only is it important for the teacher to know but also how much the teacher can explain to the students.  The teacher himself has to understand exactly but the biggest responsibility is to explain to the students.  
That is why daily exercise is necessary for the teacher.  Writing a plan in a daily planning book is not just a ritual, its proper importance has to be understood.
  The development of pedagogy is certain as the experience increases beyond the initial period as a teacher but when it comes to teaching in the classroom what is to be taught the next day

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