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Wednesday 21 April 2021

20/4/2021April Home larning today video all std use full video

 20/4/2021April Home larning today video all std use full video 

Education,April 2021,Home Learning 2021,20/4/2021  
On 28th February, 11928, the great physicist of India, Dr. Dedicated CV Ram to Raman E, Cut's noble shop Boratvarsh for human welfare.
 Chandrasekhar Katesh Ram was gifted with the invention of the world's noble run, which was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930 by Britain's Royal Swee Dish AK Dummy, in the Bhagavad Gita. According to the holy  Vida ', he
 dedicated 35 years of his youth in life to the country for the pursuit of pure physics. Monne's adoration of pure and holy science, his own worship of the excellence, commitment, and
 significance of his own life Katro gave an exploratory name to the lines of the electromagnetic spectrum with special lobby cats found on the amnesty, the 'Raman effect'. 
 Physical instruments used to make this great discovery, such as spectrometers, Ray trauma, ophthalmoscopes, etc. 

Ramm was hired by Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee of Kolkata at the Inspired Science Congress Laboratory at a modest price of just Rs. - Inspired by the indomitableness of Chha Shakin,
 Darin Tilanjali of the Count General's prestige on the Civil Ragini Do of the Finance Department. 

Too honor CV Raman and to inspire a new generation to innovate, the Government of India celebrates February 28 as "National Science Day" to instill in the nation a scientific attitude and a new generation of curiosity for pure science research.
 The excellence and commitment to self-reliance for noble research that improves the living standards of the last citizen of the country in the life of every student working in schools, colleges and research institutes.

 Technology and innovation are invented for human welfare only. The Ministry of Science and Technology, India, in response to the humble request of the National Council for Science and Technology Commission, a scientific research institute of the Government of India, for various centralized ideas (themes) every year in 1986. 
Decidedd to celebrate 28th February as National Science Day on Science Idea for Better Living Standards, accepting noble slogs like
 'Science for Man and Human for Science' on the central idea (theme) as per the current situation since 1999 in terms of activity throughout the year. Technology of human cognitive aspects and

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