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Friday 16 April 2021

17/4/2021 all standard dayrek you tube video home learning

 17/4/2021 all standard dayrek you tube video home learning 

17/4/2021 all standard dayrek you tube video home learning 

 The Shia department of the nation has taken an effective and benevolent step towards the revelation to all!  Special emphasis has been laid on the fact that every child can speak and write the mother tongue. 

 Our mother tongue has developed and expanded so much!  If the language of the heart is sung, the language is Gujarati, wherever it is spoken or written, it emerges with the pride of Gujarat!

  There is never a conflict between two religions but all religions have a conflict with iniquity.  
There is never a conflict between two languages ​​but all languages ​​have a conflict with ignorance!  The language of all Gyanyatris is the same.  Multilingual friendship is the Gangotri of progress!  All languages ​​have one religion - humanity.  
As a result of harmony between different languages, human progress will be accelerated and human progress will be accelerated.  Our idiotic poet Shri Umashankar Joshi writes that Ashish Hemchandra's pami viragi jin sadhuo tani who was born in Tapasya galathuthi  Bani Ritambhara, Gandhimukhe Vishwamangalyadhatri. 

 We must think so much on Mother Language Day - let us all cultivate love for our mother tongue Gujarati.  Let's be attached to the mother tongue.  We and our children - students learn to speak and write pure Gujarati.
  I also know chic English, but also crisp Gujarati.  When speaking Gujarati language, let's avoid the industry of words, that is, the words that have been woven are correct, but knowing that if we use English words in Gujarati language, it is not appropriate, every language has a dignity and dignity!  It needs to be maintained.  

Do Englishmen use other languages ​​when speaking English?  Understands the use and importance of punctuation in language.  Punctuation is the jewel of language, only with proper use of punctuation does language look beautiful!  Our mother tongue introduces our noble traditions. 

 Our duas, verses, chapati, sayings, stories, proverbs, poems, essays, novels, plays, autobiographies, idioms are the fun treasures of our region. 

 Children need to be aware of this treasure.  Let us make special efforts to cultivate love of reading, love of books and orientation of our children towards books.  Our children's handwriting also needs to be beautiful.  If there are beautiful and legible letters like pearls, then the fragrance is mixed in gold!  Beautiful signatures are a sign of complete education. 

 Let's give maximum expression opportunities for children to develop reading, writing as well as speech.  Offer books to children as a reward and it is also welcome to have books in Gujarati language.  

Let the children be introduced to the poets, writers and literary figures of Gujarati literature, give information about their life and make them aware of their surnames.
  It is necessary to hold book fairs and book exhibitions for Gujarati language literature. 

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