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Sunday 18 April 2021

19/4/2021na home learning na videos all students use full

 19/4/2021na home learning na videos all students use full 

 19/4/2021na home learning na videos all students use full 

28th  Is my 1928 great physicist of India, Dr.  C.V.  Dedicating the noble pope of 'Raman Effe Cut' to India for the welfare of human beings  He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Science. It is written in the Bhagavad Gita that, “According to Thar, there will be 16 villages in Patwa Jai ​​(Thar). 
 Understand only commitment and meaningfulness. Worship me if I can draw from the many experiments on the scattering of the color of the sun passing through a piece of the transparent glacier of Buffon.

 From this I can see that the rays of light are more like the passage of transparent objects.  Let us give an exploratory name to the lines of the electromagnetic spectrum with special characteristics found on the graph, like 'Raman effect', the physics tool used to make this great discovery. 
 Experimental instruments and instruments such as spectrometers, spectrographs, ophthalmoscopes, etc., were manufactured by Dr. Ram himself at a modest cost of Rs.  He has inspired us all Indians that even today the economic and social perspective is secondary to doing noble research, but the indomitable will of the will is 

 Radhika is a quiet, gentle, simple, gentle & compassionate, naturalist dedicated to the purification of pure science.  Sharani and the humanitarian scientist Dr., C.V.  To measure Raman equally and inspire a new generation to innovate. My Government or the 28th of February Salt Day is celebrated as 'National Science Day' to instill in the nation a new generation for scientific attitude and pure science research, schools, colleges and research.  
Every student working in the institute has the standard of living of the last last citizen of the country in 52 years.  
To celebrate the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology or various centralized ideas (themes) in a year, the Government of India's research institute 'National Council for Science and Technology Commission' at the humble request to the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Technology 1986  Embodied. 

 Decided to celebrate February 28 as National Science Day on the theme 'Science for a better standard of living' since 1987. 
 Since 1999, noble slogans such as 'Science for man and man for science' have been accepted in terms of activity throughout the year, 
according to the current situation.  The technology of human cognitive aspects and much more 

Home learning is most popular of Gujarat Sarkar in education department most useful all students regyularli learning most of online teaching 

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