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Saturday 28 October 2023

Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana 2023

 Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana 2023:

The Gujarat State Government launched the Vahli Dikri Yojana. When the program starts, the application form process will be implemented. 

We will walk you through the plan to understand the advantages of both the online and offline modes in this article. Observe the other information and the eligibility requirements as well. Read the entire article to extract the important details.

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Vahali dikri yojna

The Gujarat government's funding were backed up during the COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide shutdown. The program involved spending Rs. 133 crores. 9,325 girls in all were enrolled in the program between August 2019 and September 2020, prompting the state's Women and Child Welfare Department to request that the forms be made available once more and that the program's benefits be extended to 18 months.

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To stop female feticide in Gujarat and provide incentive staff for girls' education in low-income households 

 Class 1 First Early Interposition Part Enrollment Fee: Rs. 4,000

 Class 9 Late Interposition Part Enrollment Fee: Rs. 6,000

 more than 18 years of college education and marriage 1,00,000 rupees

In July of last year, the government unveiled the Daughter program. When it was implemented in August. 

In order to provide benefits to girls, the Department of Women and Child Welfare suggested extending the application deadline; however, the COVID-19 epidemic struck in between. 

Therefore, the government announced that the deadline for applications has been extended to 18 months from the date of birth and that the application period has been extended by 6 months.

વ્હાલી દીકરી યોજના માટે જરૂરી દસ્તાવેજો

  • બેંક એકાઉન્ટ પાસબુક
  • દીકરી નું જન્મ પ્રમાણપત્ર
  • ડોમિસાઇલ પ્રમાણપત્ર
  • આવક પ્રમાણપત્ર
  • માતાપિતાની ઓળખનો પુરાવો
  • ફોટોગ્રાફ
Girls born after August 2019 are also eligible to apply for the scheme, as the application time has been extended to 18 months instead of 12 months from the daughter's birth date.

Required Records 

 Certificate of Birth for Daughter
 Aadhaar card of the parent
 Certificate of Birth for Mother
 Parents' annual income (Talati Office)
 The number of kids in the household
 Birth control certificate (in the event of having another kid)
 Affidavit approved in the prescribed format by the chief officer

જો તમે વ્હાલી દિકરી યોજના ફોર્મ ડાઉંલોડ કરવા માગતા હો તો લિંક 2023

Vahali Dikri Yojana Form PDFDownload

અહીં ક્લિક કરો

વ્હાલી દિકરી યોજના વિશે વીડિયો જુઓ

વ્હાલી દીકરી યોજના નો લાભ ત્રણ હપ્તા માં ચુકવવામાં આવશે.

 Women and Child Development Department, Gujarat


Click here

Application Form 

The "Vhali Dikari" scheme application form is available for free from the Women and Child Welfare office, CDPO office, Anganwadi Center, and Gram Panchayat.

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