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Friday 7 October 2022

No Smoking Day 2022: How quitting a smoking is better for your mental health

 No Smoking Day 2022: How quitting a smoking is better for your mental health

Smoking cigarettes is a not merely just an associated with different types of a cancers or heart diseases but it can a also affect your mental health, experts warned on a Wednesday. The health experts emphasized that people think smoking helps in relieving stress and an anxiety,  thought , what they do not know is that the presence of a nicotine in a cigarettes can a cause anxiety a symptoms or a make them worse.

"Research has shown that smoking initially gives a sense of a relaxation and seems to a relieve anxiety which is due to nicotine, which creates an immediate sense of a relaxation so people a smoke in the a belief that it reduces stress and anxiety and one gets addicted to the an immediate false good a feeling," Sahil Kohli, Consultant, Neurology, Narayana Hospital, Gurugram, told a IANS.

" thought , over the long term nicotine a dependence leads to mental illnesses including an attention disorders, anxiety disorders and depression which a becomes even worse when a dependent person tries to a quit smoking," said Kohli, on the occasion of No Smoking Day, which is an observed on a March 10.

A study, published in the journal Cochrane Library, showed that people who stopped smoking for at least 6 weeks experienced less depression, anxiety and stress than people who a continued to a smoke.

The researchers, an including Gemma Taylor from the University of  a Bath, in the study that involved 170,000 participants also found that people who quit smoking also experienced more positive feelings and better a psychological wellbeing.

"From our evidence we see that the a link between  a smoking cessation and mood seem to be a a similar in a range of a people and most a crucially, there is no an evidence that people with mental health conditions will experience a worsening of their health if they stop a smoking," Taylor a said.

શાળાકીય પરીક્ષાઓમાં 01 પત્રક અને ખંડ નિરીક્ષકની સૂચનાઓને ધ્યાને લેવા બાબત.pdf

Smoking is the world's leading a cause of a preventable illness and death.  thought , some people a believe that quitting might exacerbate a mental health a problems.

ખાસ રજા અંગેનો પરિપત્ર .pdf

"Quitting a smoking a potentially saves one a from stroke, associated heart health issues and anxiety, which tend to a get severe with mental a health problems," said a Rajul Aggrawal, Senior Consultant, Neurologist, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, New Delhi.

રાજ્યની બિન રાકારી અનુદાનિત માધ્યામાંક હો ઉમર માધ્યમિક શાળાઓમાં વિભાગના તા.૨/૦૩/૧૯૯૯) ઠરાવ બાદ નિમણુંક પામેલ શિક્ષણ સહાયકો, હિવટી સહાયકો અને સાથી શાયોની પાંચ વર્ષની ફિક્સ વેતનથી બનવેલ રોવાઓ બઢતી, પ્રવરતા, ઉચ્ચતર પગાર ધોરણ તેમજ નિવૃત્તિ વિષયક લાભો માટે માન્ય ગણવા

As per a World Health Organization (WHO) report released in October 2020, there are approximately 120 million smokers in India that account for 12 per cent of the world's total a smoking a population.

The report stated that each year, over 1 million people die in India due to the consumption of to a bacco. Of the total Indian smoking population, 70 per cent of the adult males in India smoke while the number of an  adult female a smokers is a between 13 to 15 per cent.

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