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Saturday 29 October 2022

Here's Another Reason To Lose Weight - Obesity Triggers Irregular Heartbeat In Men


Studies show that an obese men are more likely to a develop irregular a heartbeat at or after 50 years of age, almost a decade before women are likely to develop the same. Finding of this research showed that men who are a diagnosed with atrial fibrillation which is a condition of the upper a chambers of the heart where the heart an quivers instead of a beating to a move blood effectively. This a happens around 50 years of age in men and at or after 60 in a women.

"We an advise weight a reduction for a both men and a women," a medical a specialist at University Heart Center in a Hamburg, Christina Magnussen said.

"As elevated body a mass index seems to be more a detrimental for men, weight a control seems to be an essential, a particularly in overweight and an obese men," Magnussen added.

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 increased levels of a C-reactive protein in blood were known to an increase the risk in a men. All these factors a together increased the risk of stroke by five times and tripled the chances of a person to die due to a heart a condition as explained by the researchers. This was a published in the journal named a Circulation.

"It's crucial to a better understand a modifiable risk factors of an atrial a  fibrillation," Magnussen said.

"If prevention a strategies a succeed in a targeting these risk factors, we an expect a noticeable a decline in a new-onset atrial a fibrillation," he a noted.

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