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Thursday 24 February 2022

According to the latest paper format 2022 TOP 10 A Magical English Test Papers

 According to the latest paper format 2022 TOP 10 A Magical English Test Papers

 STD : 12 (Comm./Arts) (With complete Answers)

Gseb,Exam Taiyari, STD 12, Art'sand comars subject English, modyul paper format 2022

SECTION-B Read the extract and answers the questions: (12)

 To begin with, I have a word to say to my good friends, the editors ,and others who are moved to pity me. Some people are grieved because they imagine I am in the hands of unprincipled persons who persuade me to adopt unpopular causes and make me the mouthpiece of their propaganda. Now let it be understood once and for all that I do not want their pity:: I would not change places with one of them.

 I know what I am talking about. My sources of information are as good and reliable as anybody's else's. I have papers and magazines from England, France, Germany and Austria that I can read myself.

 19. Whom does Helen Keller address ? 20. How are Helen Keller's sources of information ? Climate change and Global warming are dramatically urgent and serious problems that can lead to calamitous consequences, We do not need to wait for government alone to find solutions to these terrible problems. Each solutions can play an important part by simply adopting a more responsible lifestyle, beginning with some little, everyday Dos and Don'ts It's the only reasonable way to save our planet, before it is too late. 

21. What are the two issues discussed here ? 22. How can each individual play an important role ? Walt was a complex man. To the writers, producers and animators who worked with him, he was a genious who had an extraordinary ability to add an extra stroke of imagination to any story or idea: To the millions of people who watched his TV show, he was warm kindly personality bringing fun and pleasure into their homes. To the bankers who financed us I'm sure he seemed like a wild man hell- bent for bankruptcy. To me, he was my amazing kid brother, full of impractical dreams that he made come true. 

23. What kind of person was Walt ? 24. How was Walt for producers and animators? Mind, emotions and body are all closely interlinked and always work together . 

It helps you distinguish them more clearly if you try to understand them more separately. Your mental capacities are your abilities to concentrate, to take in new information, to remember old and new information and to be in a position to think logically. You need your mental capacity in order to study, to work, to impose a constructive and workable order on your life and to make rational day- to- day decisions. 

For e.g. if you had the choice of walking to work or taking the car, the fact it was raining hard and you had a cold could lead you to the decision that it was better to take the car. That would be a rational decision based on the current circumstances. 25. What are closely interlinked ? 26.Which are your abilities ? All the machinery of the system has been set in motion. Above the complaint and din of the protest from the workers is heard the voice of authority. "Friends," it says, " fellow workmen, patriots:; your country is in danger! 

There are foes on all sides of us, There is nothing between us and our enemies except the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. Look at what has happened to Belgium. Consider the facts of Serbia. Will you murmur about low wages when your country, your very liberties, are in danger ? Quit your grumbling, get busy and prepare to defend your firesides your flag. 

27.Write names of the sea mentioned in this paragraph. 28. What does the author advise to people ? 21 After the guest left, Mr. White held the paw in his hand and said, "I wish for 200 pounds. " "It moved," he cried, glancing with disgust at the object on the floor. "As I wished , it wished ,it twisted in my hand like a snake,"The next morning a gentleman knocked on the door," I come from Maw and Meggins your son's employer". The old lady looked surprised 

અંગ્રેજી વિષય ના  ધોરn 12 (10 મોડલ પેપર માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

."Is anything wrong?" she asked breathlessly. "Has anything happened to my son, Herbert? What is it ?" The visitor looked down. "Badly hurt," he said quietly." But he's not in any pain. Oh thank God thank God for that!" But the sinister meaning of the visitor's assurance suddenly became clear to the old lady and she looked at him. His face was turned away, confirming her worst fears. 

TOP 10 અંગ્રેજી વિષય ના વર્ષ 2022 માં માળખા મુજબ ના ટેસ્ટ પેપર ડાઉનલોડ કરો અહી થી જવાબો સાથે

She caught her husband's. There was a long silence. The stranger expressed grief and handed over an envelop containing some amount of money as compensation Mr. White gazed with a look of horror at his visitor. His dry lips shaped the words. "How much? "200 pounds", was the answer. 

Mr. White found it very difficult to comprehend and became unconscious He was filled with sorrow at the turn of events. His wish was granted at the cost of his son's life.

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