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Sunday 17 October 2021

Shri Navchetan Kelvani Mandal Devgarh managed Kramik Ashram School Sathav Ta. Mandvi, G.

Surat mahanagarpalika ma sixshan sahayk ni Bharti 2021 

jaherat ni tarikh 14/12/21 news paper

Vibrant Gujarat Gujarat - Bright Trade  chance Between Denmark A member of the Foreign Policy  bored of the Danish Parliament called on Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani.  The six-member  deputation , led by Mr. Martin Lidegaard, met the Chief Minister and  talk over in  information the  recompilation trade and investment cooperation relations with Gujarat.  The members of this  bored communicate their readiness to participate in the forthcoming Vibrant Summit 2021 with a multi-party  delegation from Denmark. 

 The members of the  chamber took keen   incorporation in learning about the state government's policy for renewable energy,  counting the industrial economy and the  enterprise in the meadow of shipment and  farming under the stimulate leadership of the Chief Minister in Gujarat.  .  The members of the committee were tall about on the  division of  breeze and Solar Hybrid Power Policy-2018 for maximum  application of land and prides in the state.  Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani also  broach the successes of the Gujarat Government in  set up the water management sector as a self-reliant model from the  national wide water grid for the  approving use of green energy.  The Chief Minister also   board Gujarat's commitment to make green-clean energy UCO through incentive subsidy to MSME units in Gujarat using 100% solar energy.  Shri Vijaybhai Rupani introduced the members of the committee to the inspections of Negral Farming - Inspiring Natural Farming across the state.  Influenced by these multiple  portion of Gujarat, the members of this Danish soil showed readiness to  take prat with Gujarat in the green energy, dairy sector and  culture sector. 

  through the visit of the Denmark Committee, Chief  assistant to the Chief Minister Shri Kailasanathan, Front Secretary Shri M.  That.  Das, Industry Commissioner Shri Rahul Gupta, MD of Index-B.  Officers including Mrs. Nilam Rani joined.  Mr. Agus Sono, Consul General of Indonesia, Mumbai, who is keen to be a partner in the  approaching Vibrant Summit, lately called on Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani.  On this  fasteval , following the success of the Radhant Summit which has become a global   statement of Gujarat, he   be in touch his  keenness to join the upcoming Vibrant Summit-2021 as a partner country of Indonesia and to participate with the trade and industry delegation  as well as his Minister. 

 The Consul General of Indonesia further strengthened the bridge of bilateral relations with Gujarat and showed his nation's readiness for trade, industry and investment.  Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani also recalled the traditional and centuries-old trade relations between Indonesia and Marat.  The Chief Minister also gave an enthusiastic response to Indonesia's request to join the Vibrant Summit-2021.  Shri Vijaybhai Rupani also discussed the broad prospects of tourism development between Gujarat and Indonesia and the import of coal from Indonesia.  Mr. Agres Saptona discussed the Indonesian Government's readiness to invest in various sectors in India and Gujarat.  He also mentioned that coal and palm oil in particular are the main items imported from  japan to India. 

 Important Dates:

Online Application Start Date: 17.12.2021 (10:30 hrs)

Last Date for Application: 31.12.2021 (23:00 hrs)


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 In this visit meeting, Chief Front  assistant to the Chief Minister Shri Kailasanathan, Front Secretary Shri M.  That.  Das, Industries Commissioner Shri Rahul Gupta, MD of Index-B.  Mrs. Nilam Rani etc. were present.  J Gujarat UE, 00

Shri Navchetan Kelvani Mandal Devgarh managed Kramik Ashram School Sathav Ta. Mandvi, G. 

 Applications are invited from the following qualified candidates for recruitment of Education Assistant for Surat.

 Important when it comes to inflation bills

 Now you will see a 6 month bill in the school login and you will see a 6 month bill.

 July August September

 If you have to pay the bill for 6 months Moghwari difference in your taluka, remove the tickmark in front of the name of each person from the month of September.

 If you have to pay for three months (meaning 12% will be applicable for the taluka where the bill has been made in September) then check and submit the bill there.

 Now, if the difference of July is to be paid, the pay center and the taluka will print the bill for the month of July.

 * Pay centers and talukas will print August when it comes to August payment. July and August September can be printed where 6 months payment has to be made.  One month in the first phase and the remaining two months in the second phase can be printed.

 If you tick again after the month against which you tick it, refresh the page so that the data does not come, remove the tickmark again as  need and  give in the bill.

 Teligram join chenal

Job, Teacher job,vidhyasahayk bharti, aasaram shaala bharti 2021

Rank Place Name Roster Rank Teaching Assistant ૨ ૨ Teaching Assistant ૩ ST  (Women) (1) Office of the Assistant Commissioner (Class-I)

 Tribal Development, Surat Letter no.  M.K.  |  AV / NOC  / 2020-21 4 to 5 p.m.  16-10-2071 NOC  Found.  Caste Number of Non-Reserved Posts Qualification 19 Subject Standard BA / BEd English / Sanskrit 8, 10 TAH - 1 BA / BEd TAT - 1 Social Science / 8, 10 Gujarati (2)   counting no.  As per 7, fixed salary will be payable.  Must have passed the Computer Examination (CCC)  accept by the State Government. 

 (2).  The selected   candidate will be  need to reside at the place of duty and perform the duty of Grihapati / Grihamata.  For which the  Campinas will  supply free  living Quran .  (2)

 (2) Must have passed the TAT-1 examination  order by the State Government for the appointment of Education  candidate of Secondary Department.  

(3) Candidates with the above  need shall send the application along with certified copy of all the  order of their modification within 10 days from the date of publication of the advertisement only from the registered post AD to the following address.   proof given on the day of the interview will not be   collect or  think about sound .

જાહેરાત વાંચવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો

  Address for sending application: President / Shri Navchetan Kelvani Mandal At.Po.  Satvav (Ashram School), Ta, Mandvi, Dist.  Surat-2120 President Shri Navchetan Kelvani Man. Devgarh

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