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Tuesday 14 September 2021

Dated:15/09/2021through HomeLearningDirectYouTube.

Dated:15/09/2021through HomeLearningDirectYouTube.

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Vikasgatha Affordable energy will be produced from the solid waste of cities Shri Vijaybhai Rupani Junagadh Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani Shri.  In order to meet the expectations of the people by disposing of basic waste cleaning works by biof mining method by segregation of solid waste, the super metropolis has demanded to get local energy from waste segregation and CNG production. 

 Is.  The Chief Minister had recently made a persuasive suggestion of a successful experiment of production that would speed up the public works.  Was appreciated. 

 Amrut Yojana by the Minister of Tourism Shri Mahanagarpalika.  Places with heritage of various projects worth Rs 2.15 crore such as Uparkot, video mausoleum from Shri Virtual Khatmuhurt Gandhinagar, Chief Minister of Modern Development, where were the ideas of Vijaybhai Rupani of Narasimha Mehta Sarwar introduced through the conference.  Renovation and Girnar rope-way were considered works. 

 On this occasion, the MP said that even as a tourist destination from works, Mr. Rajesh Chudasama, Mayor Mr. Pirubhai, the role of Junagadh is to be developed in the metropolis of the state for waste disposal.  The Chief Minister was present in the tourism circuit of Sasangir-Sewasadan, Somnath-Girnar environment as per the directions of the officer.

  He said that water under Amrut Poj would be a source of waste revenue for Junagadh Corporation.  1.5 crore is collected.  Out of which 3.  Maithi did not complete the biotech works.  (Minvest) is generated.  From this waste, through the bio-mission process, cup matic will be made under CNJ Swachh Bharat Mission, CNG as well as the organic manure made from it will be a source of income for the biomemen of Rs.  .  Work on the Matar plant at the Evangar site at a cost of Rs 4.5 crore and a bio-milling plant at 7.5 lakh tonnes of Ligami waste is expected to be completed in eight months.  Approx.  Rs.  3 crore project will be produced, which will be confluent in bottling.  Apart from this, from 190 to 1900, Chief Minister Shri Bhumi Pujan was performed.  58 kg of high quality organic manure will be produced.  Gujarat Ram, Shah

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